I had a dream that I was told I am pregnant?

I had a dream that I was told I am pregnant? Topic: Nursing case scenarios questions
July 22, 2019 / By Idony
Question: I had a dream that I was in a line at a clinic waiting my turn and the nurse took me in a waiting room and said plain as day "so turns out you're pregnant and I was supposed to get you into a room to talk about the routine but we're so booked that it will be a while" so I just sat there looking dumb founded I have a 1 year old baby my boyfriend has a 3 year old daughter and he has made it very clear that he doesn't want anymore kids ever! In my dream after she told me I then drove home thinking about all this too. I woke up crying from it .... So my question is why did I have this dream? What does it mean?
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Edythe Edythe | 8 days ago
Pregnancy dreams can be interpreted in a number of ways. The first way, is that it could actually be a premonition of a real event that is going to happen; which your subconscious alerts you to so that you will be prepared. I have had two friends that had no intention of having another child, and whose children were at school; but then it happened. Once the shock of it was over, the new additions to their families turned out to be blessings. The second option: is if you look at it by using dream symbols; in that case it would mean that a new opportunity is coming your way, like a new job, or a chance to do something that you would really enjoy. The third way: is that it could be a processing dream. That is one where is you are doing a lot of thinking about it during the day, and then the subconscious plays around with the idea of it during sleep. If you are talking about it with others; or even talking about it happening to someone you know, then that will be processed by your subconscious as well. In your case however; I think that your subconscious is just playing around with all the possible scenarios that could happen to you in the future. It could also be a reminder to be careful if you don't want to have a baby too soon. As to which one to choose; well only you would be able to decide that.
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Edythe Originally Answered: My sister just told me she is pregnant :)?
well your dream conflicts with your sexuality. you dream of a husband with 4 kids but you are really a lesbian. the truth is that you wont be able to live the same normal life that your sisters have and that's the sacrifice of being gay. there will always be people who judge but you will have ignore them and keep your head up high. artificial insemination and adoption are the only ways a gay couple can have children. and the bullying and judging come with the package. im sorry but i don't want to water anything down so that it sounds better.
Edythe Originally Answered: My sister just told me she is pregnant :)?
You can adopt a baby. This still costs money but not as much as insemination and you are garanteed a child if you are approved :) With all that is going on in the world concerning gays and lesbians, in a few years it might not be considered bad to be a lesbian or a child of lesbians. I personally have no problems with people being gay, most people I know have no problems with it either. Hopefully the rest of the world will agree soon. To answer your question, just be you. Who cares if you prefer women over men? Who cares that your child is adopted or has two moms? Two moms that care is better than no parents at all right? Any baby you have/adopt will be glad to have you as a mom. Don't let other put you down. Stand up and show them that they have no effect on you. What is "normal" anyway? Who just wrote down as rule that said this is normal and this is not? Life is what you make it. Don't make it something you regret.
Edythe Originally Answered: My sister just told me she is pregnant :)?
I can't help but wonder why all of your life you pictured a husband and four kids but then you became lesbian. I have nothing against Lesbians and I admire Ellen Degeneres but just a little curious about that. Amber shouldn't worry, she still has time to become pregnant, they would both have them in the same year and who knows she might have hers early. With artificial insemination, it's only a few hundred dollars and if you find a good friend who would help you they might be willing to do that for free..heck some men advertise their sperm on the internet free but I would be careful of those guys because you don't have much proof that they're completely healthy. Good luck. :)

Chasity Chasity
dreams of babies are mostly symbolic of a dream or ambition you have- "be a whil" , might have to wait a while for dream to happen, RELAX !
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Chasity Originally Answered: Ever since I told my employer I was pregnant?
Uh, what discrimination? Pregnancy is only covered while you're pregnant. You're at least five months out. Sounds to me that your workplace was "hostile" because the people didn't like you and from reading this question I can see why. A true hostile workplace refers to legitimate discrimination or sexual harassment. Shoot for the unemployment anyway, it doesn't cost you anything to try. If you really think the company is hiring people not authorized to work, report them to the INS.
Chasity Originally Answered: Ever since I told my employer I was pregnant?
She's probably jealous that she can't be lucky to have a baby. My advice would be to quit for now. Try to get your boss on your side (though if it's a male, I think he'll roll his eyes at you. This is why women get paid less in private jobs :P), but your employee sounds like an envious *****. Take a break.

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