How did the Europeans conquer all those lands if the Chinese were the ones who invented gunpowder?

How did the Europeans conquer all those lands if the Chinese were the ones who invented gunpowder? Topic: Learning english how to write a report
July 16, 2019 / By Idelle
Question: Doesn't it make sense for Chinese people to do all the invading? @George reported for being stupid.
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Edytha Edytha | 7 days ago
Firstly, although the Chinese were the first to invent gunpowder, they didn't realise or develop it's military uses much faster than anyone else. The Mongols learned of it from the Chinese, and spread the knowledge to India, Araby, and Europe. From then, everybody develops its use as a weapon at roughly the same pace. There is a great deal of hair-splitting about who had the first written recipe, who had the first documented use of cannon etc, but there's not a lot of difference between them. What it boils down to is that pretty much every developed culture develops actual gunpowder weapons between 1240 and 1280. Secondly, the Chinese at that time were not an expansionist culture, for several reasons. China was under repeated attack by the Mongols, so their military needs were defensive. They were in no shape to be thinking about invading anyone! (And gunpowder weapons didn't actually stop the Mongols anyhow... after 60 years of fighting, the Mongols conquered China and ruled for a century.) China is a vast country, with huge distances between its borders and the other powerful states of the time. It would have been an epic undertaking to get an invasion force from China, to, say, India, despite how close they seem on a map. Compare that to Europe. For an English knight, sailing the 21 miles across the channel and invading France is a nice day out. Hope that helps!
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Edytha Originally Answered: Who invented the Chinese Numerals?
I've just lifted this straight from a Google page Its only the last paragraph that is directly relevant to your question but the first sections are interesting too. However you are not going to be able to get the precise date nor the specific person by the look of it. I don't think they were much bothered about claiming ownership of ideas 3,400 years ago. It was usually the anonymous traders who needed to do calculations who initiated counting systems which then became increasingly sophisticated until they developed into the system of enumeration that is around today. For example, we've inheritied a number system from thousand of years ago but the decimalised (1-10) system came later, then the symbol for Zero . And it was only after Zero was invented that sophisticated forms of accountancy were able to take off.. This is the lift from Google: Development of Mathematics in Ancient China "Chinese mathematics," was defined by Chinese in ancient times as the "art of calculation" (suan chu). This art was both a practical and spiritual one, and covered a wide range of subjects from religion and astronomy to water control and administration. The history of China is filled with many periods marked by florishing culture and civilization, and others marked by competition and war between dynasties and invaders (see History Time Table). By the year 1000 AD, the Chinese had invented seismographs to measure earthquakes. The Chinese also had ships big enough to sail around the world, but do not do so. The had a magnetic needle and used it for navigation in 1119. The Chair becomes commonplace in China at this time, and China had developed many other inventions in science and technology, including gunpowder, paper money, moveable type, and blast furnaces capable of producing cast iron. Among China’s books were the New and More Detailed Pharmacopoeia of the Khai-Pao Reign Period. The first true evidence of mathematical activity in China can be found in numeration symbols on tortoise shells and flat cattle bones (commonly called oracle bones, dated from the Shang dynasty (14th century B.C.).

Charmian Charmian
Europe was going through a period in its history called the Age of Discovery or the Age of Exploration, that went from the early 15th to early 17th century. They explored and set up colonies all over Asia, Africa and the Americas. China was more into being isolated from the rest of the world and the British even had to have a war to force them into trade with the West, same with Japan, although there was no real war there.
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Arista Arista
China isolated itself and closed itself from the world (very similar to what Japan did) at just about the time that Europe was going through the Renaissance, so Europe had the advantage of spreading its culture around when the New World was discovered
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Zebinah Zebinah
Asians are only good at growing rice and taking written tests. They may have a chance of winning wars against eachother or other inferior races, such as blacks, but they are no match for the far superior white race. There's a big difference in designing pretty fireworks and designing bombs capable of wiping out entire cities.
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Silver Silver
Because gunpowder was accidentally found when people trying to extract substance that can make human beings live forever, and I guess it didn't work well so was thrown away...Oh, but we did use it to make fireworks. :D
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Oliver Oliver
cuz europeans were more into taking over everything where as chinese people were more focused on farming an wat not
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Oliver Originally Answered: What are some significant things that the Chinese have invented that contributed the world?
The ancient Chinese invented many things we use today, including paper, silk, matches, wheelbarrows, gunpowder, the decimal system, the waterwheel, the sundial, astronomy, porcelain china, lacquer paint, pottery wheel, fireworks, paper money, compass, tangrams, seismograph, medicines, dominoes, jump rope, kites, tea ceremony, folding umbrella, ink, calligraphy, animal harness, playing cards, printing, abacus, wallpaper, the crossbow, ice cream, and ... well, you get the idea.

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