How to write in first person?

How to write in first person? Topic: How to write a story with dialog
July 17, 2019 / By Huldah
Question: Can anyone help me with my story? It has multiple main characters, so I've been told to write it in 3rd person. But I like the insight 1st person gives to my favorite characters, and I'm seriously considering writing it in 1st person even if it might be a little tricky. But I still have a few problems. First, does anyone else notice that first person somehow...makes the story seem less mature than 3rd does? Maybe its just the stories I've read, but most of the stories in 1st just aren't as great as 3rd person stories. Can anyone help me out with this? I need to know a way to write my story so that it DOESN'T sound worse. Second, can anyone give me any tips on writing for multiple characters in first person? Thanks and all answers are appreciated!
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Edwena Edwena | 2 days ago
Writing in first person for multiple characters just involves lots of dialog. Using dialog sets the stage for each person to use the key 1st person indicators (me, my, and I). Once you introduce the characters that are speaking, you don't actually need to use he said or she said after each character speaks. It's sufficient to just start a new paragraph to indicate the change in character. (Example: Sharon and Marie were getting dressed for the party. Sharon asked: "Are you wearing your red pumps or the black ones?" "The black ones go better with my dress, don't you think?" "Yes, you're right! We're gonna have a ball!" Then, between character interactions, you narrate to move the story to next scene or interaction. You can also include a character's thoughts, by using instances of monologue. I personally think the 1st person style makes the story more interesting because you get to feel directly involved in the action of the story...as if you were right there witnessing the discussion or emotions felt. It'll be a good way to test your versatility as a writer. I hope you enjoy the challenge!
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Charlene Charlene
Okay, long answer, here... Third person can seem more mature and it is much more versitile, on the other hand, I think first person puts the reader in the story and it gives the character depth. I think there is a temptation to get everything out if your in the characters mind. We don't think about our whole past, every crush we have ever had and how we look. Limit the information to what is relivent to the plot. When you write multiple point of views finish the thoughts and don't jump rapidly between them. Change chapters or make it obvious that you are changing points of view like a page break. Good luck and I would love to read it...
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Ariadne Ariadne
I was recently looking for some help on my writing and got lots on this writing site called Chapteread.com The people are pretty cool on there. Good Luck!!!
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