How do i tell her?

How do i tell her? Topic: Messed up case still got job
July 16, 2019 / By Hulda
Question: OK so I really feel bad I think i am sick but i went to the docs today and got a srep test but i wont get get reesuts til' tomorrow at 9 i go to school at 8:00 and I really dont feel up to going to school.My mom is very sritct about me going to school and makes me go to school no matter what inless i am really sick.She said when she gets the results and if i had strep she'd come pick me up early from school but i have testing and i cant be taken out of that.i DONT want to fail testing just becaus emy mom is being retarted and wont let me stay home and recover what do i do??
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Edweena Edweena | 1 day ago
unfortunately, parents can sometimes be wrong like in your case. you could try asking her again & explaining you'll fail the test because you feel ill. if she still wont back down, dont be upset if you go to school & fail the test like you predict. failing a test or two isnt a big deal because when you grow up like me you'll see you get along ok despite these childhood problems with school work. the reason you'll be ok in the end is because once you're an adult you'll see that any tests you failed in school dont matter--no one even keeps a record of them like they're telling you in school. the only thing they'll keep records of after you're 18 is you're grades that were reported at the end of each year in high school (the final grades for the year, not the grades you got everyday or every semester)--these are the grades that were determined based on all work you did, not just a few tests. unfortunately, you'll find out as i did that schools will say things to "intimidate kids" into trying to do better at school work like, "If you dont pass this test, you'll have it on your permanent record." There is no permanent record for what you got on tests. for grading for a whole year, they use all test put together plus all work you handed in & so on. also, in case this fits you, dont be to hard on yourself because you want to pass all tests--sometimes other things can happen & get in the way of that--this is part of life & you'll get used to it. this same thing happens at work as an adult--sometimes we want to do a project the best we can but our health or other outside event stops us & we mess up real bad. this just occurrs when you're human--its part of being human & can't stop it everytime. i know its your moms fault, but sometimes it can be other peoples faults--like once i was fired from a job for being ill--not fair, but i got another job so i was ok in the end--you'll be ok in the end too. when i was in high school, i had my period mess up real bad with bleeding all over me & my pants & i kept having to leave school in middle of the day--this happened every month, but in the end i graduated ok anyway even though i couldnt take alot of tests & got "0" on alot of assignments. my high school example i mention since its illness related & school related, but i was ok in the end and thats whats important, you'll be ok in the end too, just watch.
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Charleen Charleen
you really can't go against your mother's orders you can only explain the situation to her and tell her how you feel.
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