How have hackers contributed to society?

How have hackers contributed to society? Topic: Technology society essays
July 16, 2019 / By Hosannah
Question: I think of hackers (not crakers) as being constant innovators of pushing new breakthroughs in many areas of technology I want to write an essay about this and want to know specific people or associations (related to hackers) and how they have contributed/improved/innovated. I am really interested in this topic, but I have found it very hard to gather information on it. Thank you for your time.
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Ednah Ednah | 10 days ago
Well, the most useful hacking was done by the guy who invented HTTP & the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee. Before that, of course, was the vital work done in WW2 at Bletchley Park in the UK on the German Lorentz code. But I use hacker in it's original sense, as in code-hacker, which includes people like Gates, Wozniak, Linus Thorvalds et al. What sense do you mean?
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Charla Charla
Hackers, both the white and black hat varieties have done lots of good. The white hat hackers look for problems, bugs and security concerns and report them to companies to get them fixed. Black hats sort of do the same, they break into something and force companies to fix problems (To protect customers and IPs, not because the black hats want them too.) Hackers / tinkerers can also be synonymous at times and lead innovation. Bill Gates in the MS DOS days, Steve Wozniak in the Lisa / Apple II days. Napster was a hackers dream at one time, but with the mainstream picking up p2p, legitimate uses for the masses were also discovered. A very low tech hacker could be someone like frank abagnale, who learned to forge checks so well that he forced the banks to use more and more secure banking methods, and find some problems of their old systems.
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Arden Arden
I know how I would like to see computer hackers contribute to society? And that is that they all get 10 to 20 years jail time. A guy here in my area just got sentenced to 10 years for computer hacking. I feel that all they do is make it hard on people, take all the cash out of their bank accounts screw up computers and make it hard on us computer technicians that try to repair all the damage.
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Zadok Zadok
There is a group of hackers called Anonymous that actually did something a lot of people were proud of, despite the fact that Anonymous does bad things. I dont know the full story so please excause me for any mistakes, but I think they were going to hack US government websites and networks in protest of SOPA and PIPA. Anyways, check them out because you should be able to get a lot of info on them.
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Sholto Sholto
They keep the minds of big companies and the governments wondering about how to please the people so that their technology doesn't get hacked or destroyed. Hence Sony, Microsoft, apple, etc.
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