What makes the best horror film? detailed must haves to scare people to DEATH?

What makes the best horror film? detailed must haves to scare people to DEATH? Topic: How to write a person crying with blood
July 20, 2019 / By Hosanna
Question: I want to write a horror story to be produced into a film. But I want it to be the scariest horror film ever, seriously. I want to push it to the edge of the laws, pushing the boundaries etc. I want to produce such a film that when a viewer has watched it, he or she will forever be permanently paranoid and scarred. I want to involve everything that makes ur stomach churn! gore, sex, rape young girls, pedos,incest. drugs, racisim, violence, swearing, tortures etc. I will work more on the sotry line after I have collected all the basics. But what I need to know is what are the must haves in a horror film that makes you scared? I want a viewer to sit there while watching my film and actually cry with fear. Also, how do I find out, how far I can go with pushing the limits, and what I can't include in my films etc?
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Edithe Edithe | 9 days ago
It kind of depends... are you going for shock/disgust "scares" or real, actual scares? Some of the scariest movies I've ever seen actually have very little or no blood/gore/torture in them. Fear is relative to the person of course, but most people aren't actually scared by the over-the-top gorefests that keep coming out. Stomach churning sexual violence isn't necessarily scary either (case in point... Deliverance was a heck of a lot scarier than the remake of Last House on the Left, and it showed a lot less). Fear and disgust aren't the same thing. You can make someone sick with the the imagery in the story/movie, but that doesn't mean you've succeeded in frightening them. I think you first need to figure out what is actually scary... because it seems to me that you don't really know.
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Charity Charity
For a action picture to make me scared, it extremely is ultimate if i'm on my own and it extremely is dark. so which you would be able to desire to set the right environment. Plus the prospect has have been given to be real looking, drawing close and grotesque. Suspense - waiting for it to ensue, additionally intensifies the sentiments. sluggish zombies at the instant are not too frightening, however the quickly ones can particularly freak you out. Plus the frightening section has have been given to be from an undemanding subject. maximum do not concepts being killed off as a hero. So in case you're making it dark, lonely, painful and with none hero factors, those situations could be solid set up.
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April April
the most scariest horror movies are the ones that get people thinking "this could totally happen!" gore and rape scenes aren't a nessesity... "Strangers" for instance creeped me out- but was too drawn out... you want a movie that keeps you going- cliff hangers- a bit of gore- something not expected or has been done before. i am a huge horror movie fan, and i haven't seen a movie that scared me in a very long time. "blair witch" and "paranormal activity" are a joke...the grainy home movie bit could be cool- but needs more to it! also on a side not- things do not scare people much anymore... the world is too de-sesitized to the evils in life... spice it up!
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Zackery Zackery
You should watch John Carpenter's Halloween, Candyman, High Tension, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974 and the remake), The Hitcher (original), Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead (original), and Day Dead to get dome ideas for the kind of horror movie you want to make.
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Shimi Shimi
gory, torture scenes always bother people. Graphic rape scenes are difficult to watch and make me a bit scared. You have to have a scene in the movie where something just pops out at you, to give your audience a good scare. masks for some reason scare me, so if you have someone in a mask, don't have them say anything throughout the entire movie. It's scarier when they don't talk.
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