How much can I expect to pay.ballpark.?

How much can I expect to pay.ballpark.? Topic: How to write an estimate for construction work
July 15, 2019 / By Hope
Question: I am having facia and soffit put on my house (new construction). Our General Contractor is giving work to a buddy of his who is out of work, but is a carpenter by trade. He has done some stuff on the house and not too bad. Anyway, we are told that the material cost of the soffit and facia is 500.00. I would estimate that the total perimeter of roofline is 300 feet and the soffit area will be about 12 inches wide. Our GC has told us that the carpenter (who will be doing this by himself) will need 1600.00 labor to put it up. He also said that it will probably take him all week to do it. I have no idea how much it costs for a company to put it up, but to me, 1600.00 sounds like an awful lot of money for a carpenter to make in a single week to put up soffit. Based on that cost, he would make 83,000.00 per year if he did soffit every week. Am I wrong or does this sound high?
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I'd get some written estimates that I could show to your contractor. If he's GIVING work to someone it sounds like they want it to be under the table which would mean you have NO WARRANTY and nothing to fall back on if you have any problems. The Muse
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1600 divided by 40 hour work week= $40 per hour That is a pretty good wage...where do I sign up for that job. And.......with the cost of materials ...that means this job is gonna cost you .... $2100 divided by 40= $52.50 per hour to have your work done. You are being hosed. Call around and find someone cheaper. Your GC is doing his friend a little 'too' big a favor at your expense. Show your GC the numbers and tell him you can't justify paying that and you think you'll get someone else to do it. The housing market is down right now ...carpenters are a dime a dozen. You can find one to do this work much Much MUCH cheaper than that.
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40.00 per hour x 40 hours is a little much for soffit and facia. I think i could do it 3 days max. get another estimate
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