Wheel Alignment - Gordons Tyres UK Question?

Wheel Alignment - Gordons Tyres UK Question? Topic: Case steering box
July 16, 2019 / By Honour
Question: Hi Everyone, I took my audi tt 225 to gordons tyres for 4 wheel alignment as after a new lower arm/ball joint the steering wheel was off centre. I specifically asked for 4 wheel alignment and on the screen the guy was doing it on, there were 3 guages for each side, all of them showed red. He adjusted the left side of the car front wheel and all the dials turned green (i presume this means it is now in alignment). He then went to adjust the right hand side and only 2 of the dials turned green, leaving the top right hand side dial red. He eventually threw his gloves in the box and told me my car was done, leaving the top right dial red. I took the car home, and the steering wheel is worse than when i took it in, only the other way now, and the wobble at high speed is horrible, really bad. Can anyone advise me on what he might have done so i have an argument to go back with? He did 3 seperate adjustments which in turn turned each dial on the left green. He never even went near my back wheels and i was only charged for 2 wheel alignment even though i specifically requested 4 wheel alignment. He made 2 adjustments on the right hand side making 2 of the dials turn green, he then tried and tried again with a bolt on the same wheel and kept checking the screen but the top right dial stayed red, eventually he just threw his tools away and told me it was done. I trusted him of course but now know it hasnt been done properly.
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Edina Edina | 6 days ago
there are three measurements to adjust, camber, caster, and toe. heres what i dont understand in your story, when he did the front left all three went into green with one adjustment? or did they all eventually go into green with different adjustments? sometimes camber and caster arent adjustable, although im pretty sure this audi can be adjusted, but needs special tools that im sure some tire garage doesnt have. or it uses camber eccentric bolts. the top value is usually camber which will cause a pull if its red on one side. you say you asked for a 4 tire alignment? well did he do the rear first then the front? there are three values for each axel it seems to me that he just did the front axel, if the rear axel is red it can cause the front to pull as well, the caster value will not cause a pull just so you know. your steering could also be from bad tires or incorrect psi in the tires. in a lot of cases we just change the toe degree on the front cause its quick and generally fixes the steering wheel. take it back and say it still pulls and that youd like to see the numbers and if he trys to say camber isnt adjustable ask him to show you. if he says he cant he is lieing. tell him to click on "illustrate adjustments" hope my lengthy explanation helps
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without seeing which part he was adjusting at the time I can only tell you this ,There are 3 adjustments camber,tow,and caster Tow is the way the wheel is side to side camber is top to bottom castor to give an example would be like( a unicycle vs a chopper) it would be the position of wheels vs the steering position. They rarely have to do anything with the castor. It sounds to me that he messed up on the adjustment on the tow. again without seeing how the position of the steering wheel is or watching what was on the screen at the time of adjustment. I can only say that he messed up on the tow or camber.
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