How can I stop missing my boyfriend?

How can I stop missing my boyfriend? Topic: How to write a love diary for boyfriend
July 16, 2019 / By Honor
Question: I really miss my boyfriend because I'm away in California for five weeks. I love him sooo much and when I saw him the last time before I left I just laid in his arms and we cried. What can I do?!
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Edie Edie | 5 days ago
Aww :( Try to keep yourself busy all day with fun people doing fun things. In bed at night try to read feel good chick-lit novels and magazines to keep yourself distracted and also happy, because those books are so positive and deal with the same kinds of situations! If it helps, write in a diary about him. You could also write him postcards or letters every week (or more often or less often) and give them all to him when you see him again. It gives you something to be excited for. You could also buy him gifts. You should talk on the phone with him! and IM and text if possible. Also, Skype is great! if you don't have access to a computer I'm sure there's an internet cafe nearby :)
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Edie Originally Answered: How do you stop missing something close and restrain for crying?
Here's what helped me: I stuck to my regular routine as much as possible, without trying to forget, but at the same time focusing as much as possible on whatever it was I was doing. When I had free time, I would do things I'd do normally when off work, such as walking, visiting friends, work around the house, walking other dog and romps with her. If you don't tell yourself you have to not think of your dog, you won't be fighting those thoughts that are inevitable. Dedicate some of your free time to doing something specifically related to your dog, such as putting together a scrap book with photos of her, or writing a poem to her or about her, or write a letter to your dog as if you were talking to her. Don't think about what you will write, just start writing and let it flow. This really helped me a lot. It also helped to stop doing any of those projects within an hour so as not to get intense into this for too long at a time. You can set an hour aside at a time and maybe you finish something in five minutes or decide you want to stop and that is okay, but don't go too far over an hour at a time. Be good to yourself, meaning read a good book, putting clean linens on your bed and taking a relaxing bath before bed, because you likely won't have the energy to even feel like taking off your street clothes. How you care for your self directly affects how you will feel. Talk to people who can understand your close ties to your dog because for many people it is just as traumatic to lose a close family dog as it is to lose a human family member. Eventually, you will start to feel better and those painful feelings will turn into warm memories.

Charis Charis
Get a job. Throw yourself into it. Be too busy to think about him and/or your relationship, and work so hard that when you're not busy, you're too tired to think about him or asleep. If you are away in CA because you're on vacation with your family and can't get a job right now, then throw yourself into a health and fitness regime. Start every morning at dawn with a jog. Do every kind of physical activity that you have the opportunity to try: swim, throw a frisbee around, play volleyball, go zip lining - anything and everything, and totally throw yourself into it. Stay away from alcohol (it's a depressant.) Eat lots of fruits and veggies, and drink lots of water. If you spend these 5 weeks moping - you will have nothing to show for it, and nothing to talk to your bf about. If you throw yourself into a fitness regime, at the end of 5 weeks you'll be looking great and have lots of adventures to talk to him about. If you plunge into your job at the end of 5 weeks you'll be better at your job and have $$ .
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Anthia Anthia
Theres nothing you can do to stop missing him. in fact, its better that you miss him. just try to keep yourself occupied and instead of thinking about how far away he is, think of how wonderful it will be when he gets back. And youll be surprised how fast those five weeks go by. My boyfriend was gone for almost 3 months last summer and i made it. just stay busy
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Zachary Zachary
did you break up with him or something? why not call him for like, an hour a day or something so you stay close, even when far away... its only for 5 weeks, i think youd live, belive me, i havent seen my girlfriend for close to 6 weeks, but we talk a ton!, it really helps...
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Zachary Originally Answered: My boyfriend and I won't stop fighting?
Once you both step across the line and start disrespecting each other at times, it's hard to stop. Clearly this has happened in your case. A really good relationship can quickly head in the other direction unless ground rules are in place. Sometimes people just naturally do this, other times it must be worked at. You two are to the point where you have to step back and really look at yourselves. If you really do love each other as you say, then you both have to come to an agreement not to argue anymore. From what you've said, it's become a habit as of late. It won't get better unless you BOTH take the proper action to see that it will Sometimes things like this are a little "touchy" to talk about without the other person getting mad. I suggest that you write him a letter telling him how much you love him and how you want for things to be like they used to be. That you want to come to an agreement not to argue anymore. You're gonna have to have a "Plan B", so to speak. In other words, when one of you feels like criticizing the other person about something, go do something else for 10 minutes and cool off. Or sit down and write a love note telling each other how much you them. I mean go into detail! Give them a major "warm fuzzy"! Carry this note with you at all times, and when things start to get heated between you pull out your notes, read them and then say, " is this awesome love really worth jeopardizing?" These are only a few suggestions, but the main point is... if you really care about each other and want your relationship to work out and for you both to be happy, well, something needs to change right now. Take action and get things back on track. I do hope things work out for you!

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