Could all of this mean he likes me?

Could all of this mean he likes me? Topic: Aces homework help
July 16, 2019 / By Honey
Question: He was always really quiet and the shy and nerdy type, but lately has been opening up with me. some days when I walk into a room and he close to immediately after I sit down next to him, starts conversation, and tries to keep it going if he isnt overly busy. He offers to help me with course work all the time (a class he aced, but that i am having trouble in) and will sometimes randomly text me, both to start conversations, and expecting me to get really random obscure references to things he has shared with me in the past.(and maybe im wrong but he seems hurt when i dont get them) And asks for high fives whenever either of us gets a problem right in homework. (no one else in our group does that very often). A lot of times when he and I are together for anything, when we leave, a cpl minutes later i get a text from him, sometimes something he forgot to ask, sometimes something random. But other days, I walk in and he barely talks to me at all. doesn't text me and doesnt respond to my texts, or if he does its really short, and something to keep there from being a conversation. whenever he tries to plan something for our whole group of friends, he makes it sound like another guy is planning it. also, i seem to be the one he goes to for a lot of the group stuff. He could very easily ask for other peoples numbers, but he doesnt, A friend says he is really bad about blowing off texts all the time. He has chalked up having ppl not responding to him before as they just must not be near their phone. So btwn that and b.c his phone always seems to be on silent when i'm around him, i can't tell if he is just not big on checking his messages or what. (considering he also doesn't have a facebook, i think he is just not that into that stuff) i really like him. could he like me? and if he does, what do i do? oh, and he's also a lot more talkative when others (certain others in particular) aren't in the immediate area.
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Edda Edda | 4 days ago
woah! thats a lot to read... i'm going to read it as i have nothing better to do. he's opening up to you means... he is comfortable around you. aaah, he's offering to help, then he is difenatly interested. when he is ignoring you... he might be confused abot ur feeling towards him. umm... he is definitely interested.... get closer and you will find you. x
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Chantelle Chantelle
Awwww(: he definently may have a little crush on you(: and what should you do? Just go with the flow(: don't freak yourself out when you're around this guy. Just be yourself &&the relationship you guys will have will grow. It just takes time(: &&only time will tell. Good luck girl!
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