Dropping out of school bad?

Dropping out of school bad? Topic: No homework slip
July 16, 2019 / By Hepsie
Question: I recently dropped out of school at 14 cause I got sick of having to arrange my secdual and my parents finally slipped and let an opening and due to this finds out I have delayed sleep syndrome and a very bad social life, and anytime an old friend i no longer hang with walks up to me i act like a loner and choose to ignore their existence, help?????!!!!
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Earnestine Earnestine | 5 days ago
no , it's really great. freedom man, freedom!! no more homework or studying!! it's the good life.. I dropped out of school when I was 13, and I couldn't be more happier. I am 42 now, and I have worked at McDonalds for 23 years now! I started as a janitor, but now I am a burger flipper! I am so happy! I earn about 12 dollars an hour!! Yes, I know, I am making the big bucks!! You see, I am very successful! I have a good life! I didn't need school to succeed!
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Earnestine Originally Answered: Dropping out of school.?
well you must understand that life its hard but its just in times and school in something really important... i had same problems well kinda but school was always a way of getting the stress out of me and whenever there was an injustice i used to talk to councelor and she would always solved my problems... but just think positive and do what you gotta do... but dropping out is not the best way... friends come and go but you must be prepared for life and the only way you'll make is with education.... im here if you ever need someone to talk to.... good luck:)

Celinda Celinda
It's understandable that school gets rough but the truth is there is no success in this world with out an education. At least if you get a high school degree you can get some where but a 14 year old out of school leads to nothing but a wrecked life and bad choices. I suggest you go back to school. Make up with your friend I'm pretty sure you miss them and need to talk to them there is a reason you called them your friend in the first place. Also talk with your parents tell them how you feel and why you made the choice you did. Or if your parents are the not understanding type find a person you know who knows you better than you know yourself and talk to them hear their advise i guarantee they wouldn't tell you anything that could make your life any worse than you think it is. And the person that should be you first resort is God but if your not religious then ignore that. Shying away from life will only bring sorrow and deep depression. When your friend walks up to you talk to them make up for past problems and begin anew. Start you day with a positive out look and i promise the day cant go wrong. Life will only walk all over you if you allow it. Oh and the sleep thing go to bed earlier than you usually do and if you cant fall asleep listen to soft rock or something slow and soothing like nature sound. It's a medical thing so i suggest doing research on natural ways to cure it or go to your doctor. Hope my advise helps you.
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Annmarie Annmarie
Do not listen to anybody but yourself. These people have no idea what they are talking about because they are not you and do not have your mind. If you believe you will be better off dropping out then do so because your needs and beliefs are more important than what everyone wants you to do and wants you to be. The school world today has broken down and molded kids into what the school wants them to be and most people do not realize because they grew up thinking that thinking for yourself is wrong without even knowing it and now they are molded to this worlds ideas and ways of life that this school world pushed down on them until they became them. I dropped out and I do not regret a thing and I am not less because of it and I am not different because of it. I chose to be myself but everyone else lost their mind in high school from the stress and anxiety and the idea that they have to conform to all these ideas. School is not meant for everybody and that is okay as long as you are okay with it. Stay in school or don't stay in school, just follow yourself.
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Yarwood Yarwood
Alright, just take the G.E.D. I think you have to be either fifteen or sixteen. Check out your state laws online. Study at home. Get a list online of what you need to know in order to pass the G.E.D. Until you're old enough, just homeschool. Go to college, community college to start out and freak everyone out when you graduate with a degree. Ask your parents first if it is o.k. Even if no one else believes they should at least be willing to either send you back to school or let you study and encourage you. I have a feeling they will be thrilled to find out you even care about your education. Just stay away from drugs and drink AND unprotected sex.These can ruin your life. You may be a late bloomer education wise, but it can still happen. Print this out, read it daily.
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Yarwood Originally Answered: Dropping out of med school?
Quite a predicament. Presumably studying and living in Taiwan is to your liking ? And your eventual qualification will be of the same standard of acceptability when your studies are over ? I would have thought study at an International Medical school would have many advantages - you will have had experience of other cultures and be a well rounded personality. Obviously bed side manner is not as important for a surgeon but wide people skills are. Someone who has stuck to their guns and carried on with this course abroad will stand out when you apply for residencies . If you had been 6 months into this course the decision would be a no brainer but as you have invested 3 years so far. my advice would be to complete your training where you are and tackle the residency issue after you have qualified. Don't worry about a potential future problem and have to start over. The world is a small place these days, good surgeons will always be needed.

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