Has anyone ever seen or eaten the purple carrots? How about blue cauliflower? Has anyone?

Has anyone ever seen or eaten the purple carrots? How about blue cauliflower? Has anyone? Topic: Paper bag making courses
July 20, 2019 / By Hephzibah
Question: ...tried strawberry spinach? There are so many different and tantalizing vegetables full of vitamins and flavor just waiting to be tried by the venturous. Last year I tried many new or old and forgotten varieties, when I was growing up these were not available and always believed that the every day version was all the Earth had to provide! It wasnt until I started gardening,reading,surfing and talking to farmers here in the old world did a new world of vegetables open to me. My wife and I love tomatoes so we planted yeller one,purple ones,green ones,white ones,black ones(Russian var.)they ranged from pear shape,cherry(all colors) normal, there is so many. The tomato salad made by my wife was an explosion of flavor that I never had before! We planned many weekends to stay in our garden house escaping everyday life,the basics for food was already in the garden so we just took meat and drinks and we would grill all weekend and of course tend the garden! Work but not really work,know what I mean?
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Best Answers: Has anyone ever seen or eaten the purple carrots? How about blue cauliflower? Has anyone?

Earline Earline | 4 days ago
We’ve got a local farmer’s market and every year, the farmers change a little. I keep on urging folks to grow poblano peppers. To my mind, that is the prince of peppers! I bring them home, grill them on my smokey joe, put ’em in a paper bag, peel em after they’ve sweated a while, and put them in a plastic container in the freezer. Then, all the rest of the year, when I need a little bit of heat, I take it out, shave some peelings off the frozen block of peppers and throw them in the pot. Poblanos range from about a 2 to as hot as a 6 or 7. Since my family doesn’t like heat the way I do, it’s not too bad, but in addition, they add a wonderful flavor all their own, aside from being pure heat, like habaneros or scotch bonnets. So last night, I had a about a cup of leftover squash. Oh, that’s a new squash for me, too. It’s a reddish orange squash with a long, russian-sound name that begins with k and ends in itch, or something like that. Oh hell, let me google it. Back in a seccer. Well, no luck. The only "K" squash was Kabocha, but those were green, and this squash is a deep orangey-red, outside, and then more orange inside. I pulled out some frozen broth leftoever from the giblets at Thanksgiving, threw in the squash, added a few shavings of frozen poblano (always a delicate balance, since you never know exactly how hot the poblanos are, so it’s a crap shoot in figuring out whether I put in too much for the family, which makes me happy, or not enough for me, which makes them happy), and then I pureed it with my in-pot blender. It got nice and frothy. I threw in some salt and pepper and nutmeg (it is squash, after all!), and then, the coup de grace, about a small plastic container of frozen corn I had cut off the cob a few months ago. I decided the corn was to big, so I blended it a bit more -- to a cream corn consistency. Finally, I finished by throwing in some cream. Maybe a little less than a half-pint. Hard to say. I just pour it in until it feels right. Oh man! What a delicious soup! No recipe at all. Just out of my head! Ain’t it sublime making up stuff out of what you got in the freezer? And tomaters: you can search for the question I asked earlier about what is the most tomatoey tomato. I got surprising agreement amongst the connoisseurs here. Cherokee purple it be. Don’t get fooled by Brandywines. But Cherokee purple makes a heavenely BLT. Heavy on the T for me, please. Nice crusty sourdough bread, home cured bacon (not my home, but one of the farmers at the market), and I like a nice red-leaf lettuce. If I’m getting truly fancy, I might throw in a handful of mixed fancy salad greens. So then, the cauliflower. They have at least four types at the market: standard white (the gineau pig gets the leaves), orange, purple, and spikey green. They have names, but I don’t know them. I love breaking the orange one into small flowerets, sauteeing them slowly in 85% butter, throwing in some squished garlic (in that squeezer thingy) towards the end, and finishing off with a bit of cream! Oh my god! That’s another recipe I invented. Garlic and cream are such wonderful friends to the cook. Oh man, I love to eat tasty stuff. So I had to cook. I’m not sure how much I truly like cooking. I mean, I love to eat, and to eat what I want, I have to cook it, but if I could train someone else to think like I do..... Hell no! I’d never give it up. It’s too much fun tinkering in the kitchen. And when you hit it right! Oh boy! I hope my family knows how lucky they are! Oh shoot! It's been a bunch of paragraphs, and I still haven't told you the bitter melon story, and the strange asian greens story. Take my word for it: they're amusing. Oh, and Jerusalem artichokes -- the amazing potato and leek soup I made with three kinds of potatoes and jerusalem artichokes! (Hint, throw some white sweet potato in any potato dish -- just about one-fifth the total potatoes, and you will wow anyone!). The greens are very atringent. And bitter melon soup! If you can get round the bitterness that kicks in at the end, the vegetable has an amazing texture: it just is the very definition of toothsome. The crunch between your teeth is so satisfying, and then you get this unique, gray-green flavor (I have no idea how to describe it except to name it after the color it is), and finally, the bitterness catches up with you just after you swallow. Bam! The kids and wife weren't too fond of it, but I kinda grew more and more attached to the sensation. Anyone want to trade into my kitchen? I got some wonderful kids who are quite well-behaved (except for meals -- for which mac and cheese is about their fave thing -- sigh). You take em off my hands a couple nights a week and I'll feed you like you wouldn't believe!
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Celia Celia
If it is bad to be prejudiced about a person's color, (and I think it is) it is equally foolish to be prejudiced by the color of your food. (up to a point... don't eat green meat) The purple carrots I've had weren't especially special, but the purple potatoes I've had have been great. so have the Yukon Gold yellow potatoes. Blood oranges are okay, but look wild in a fruit bowl. My family grows purple beans. they are very easy to pick because they stand out among the leaves, and when you cook them, they turn green when done. such convenience. When my mother's garden is done for the year, she often does a mass harvest, and cooks it down for soup. she even made "V-12" juice one year.
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Annitta Annitta
I like puple potatoes, too. When I retire I want to open a brewery with my husband and grow our own hops and grains. There is nothing like tomatoes fresh off the vine. I only eat them in the summer because they are so good. My father in law grows tuns of them in his garden and we can pick them right off the plant and eat them in the garden.
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