How do i transpose music?

How do i transpose music? Topic: How to write a college paper heading
July 22, 2019 / By Héloïse
Question: What basic properties would i have to know of the 2 instruments that i want to transpose music. Like, Bb trumpet, Eb alto sax, C trumpet, A Trumpet, French Horn, Flute ect... Any answer would help.
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Dympna Dympna | 1 day ago
Many instruments are pitched in C - the note that is written, is the same pitch you hear (some of them are in another octave, but that is not such an issue - it becomes obvious). However, many instruments are pitched in OTHER keys, because we have grown accustomed to their timbre at that size, so we need to know how to transpose music so that we can play together. I have always taught this a a math formula. Use positive numbers for sharps, and negative numbers for flats. Here goes: You have a piece written in the key of G, for flute ( pitched in C), You want to transpose it so an alto sax can play it ( they are pitched in Eb). Key of G - +1. Alto sax - Eb is -3, so you must ADD +3 to compensate . +1 and +3 = +4. So you need to write the alto sax in the key with 4 sharps - that's E major. When going from a C instrument to a transposing one: original key plus INVERSE of instrument's pitch equals the new key. Let's try another one: You have a Bb clarinet part written in the key of A (+3). You need to transpose it for a violin (0). This time you are going FROM the transposing instrument TO the one pitched in C. So - no inverse. +3 plus -2 (Bb clar.) equals +1 - key of G (for the violin). Things get truly eyeball-rolling when BOTH of them are transposing instruments. In this case, you will need BOTH formulas - someplace in the mix you need to fine the CONCERT key - from the original instrument given - and then go from the concert key TO the transposition for the new instrument. Use BOTH of the formulas above - second formula first (gets you from the transposing instrument TO the concert key), and then the first formula - to get you g form the concert key TO the key of whatever instrument you now need. Admittedly, this is like trying to math without a calculator - it can be done, but electronics make it easier. They are no substitute for knowing what you are doing, but they do take the drudgery out of the process. Back when I was in college ( and dinosaurs walked the Earth . . ) we had to do it all in our heads, and then write it on paper. LUCKY YOU!!! For ten bucks, you can download Finale Notepad, enter you original, add a line for the new instruments, copy and paste - and it DOES IT FOR YOU!!!! www.finalemusic.com Good luck - this will NOT fry your brain, even though it feels like it today.
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Dympna Originally Answered: How do you transpose music for mellophone?
write out the notes for the scale in which the swan is written in. this the easiet way to do it. b-flat, # sharp Ab, Bb, C, Db, Eb, F, G, Ab - for comcert pitched instruments Db, Eb, F, Gb, Ab, Bb,C, Db - for F pitched instruments G, A, B, C, D ,E , F#, G - Eb pitched instruments C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, G, D, A, E, B - concert pitch instruments F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, G, D,A,E,B,C - f pitched instruments Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, G, D, E, A, B, C, F, Bb - e-flat pitched instruments

Celandine Celandine
You can either do it by thinking of the scale you will be playing in and then just go by the intervals, or you can go note by note and transpose each one at sight. To be honest, I find the first way far easier. At any rate, you will have to practice transposition for quite a while before it feels like second nature.
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Annis Annis
You would need to know their clefs and the scale of your song. And transposing is only setting the notes higher or lower on the clef so that it would match the sound of each instrument. Good luck
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Yahveh Yahveh
to start you need to understand the basics. soprano, alto, tenor, bass. tenor and bass instruments are in bass clef while soprano and alto are in treble clef. transposing from a electric guitar to a bass guitar for example is treble clef to bass clef.
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Shelby Shelby
I think you will find this site helpful: http://www.auburn.edu/~schafwr/ click on Technical Clinics under Resources and select Transposition
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Shelby Originally Answered: Music forced me to write this.why is music so hard to describe in words?
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