Need help choosing between 3 great universities.?

Need help choosing between 3 great universities.? Topic: Mba papers online
July 20, 2019 / By Hellen
Question: I'm interested in 3 universities but am having a difficult time choosing which one will be most beneficial to me. Degree: MBA and considering M.S. in Management/Leadership First choice Pepperdine- There is a campus very close to me and offers both programs. 2nd choice: Columbia- Offers an online MBA 3rd choice: University of La Verne- There is also a campus close to me and offers both programs. As I understand, Pepperdine is a great school and gives me the "brick and mortar" experience,but isn't ranked as high as Columbia. Columbia- Ivy league, but is an online degree. La Verne- Great school, I can physically attend classes, but isn't in the same ranking as the 2 above. Should I go for the Ivy League online, or for a lesser known school just for the sake of physically attending class? Which degree will hold more weight with employers? For anyone who has attended any of these programs, what is your assessment of the experience?
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Dymphna Dymphna | 10 days ago
I'd go with Pepperdine. Columbia is an Ivy League, and the reason why they have such great a reputation is because of the professors there. They physically are there in person, giving lectures, grading your papers, available during office hours and after class for you to ask questions.... everything that makes an Ivy League an Ivy League is literally NOT EVEN THERE with an online degree. On top of that, it only offers one of the things you're interested in, not both. Just one. So, don't let the fact that it's an Ivy League influence your decision AT ALL. Oh, also, with an online degree you don't meet people at the school and that whole NETWORKING aspect that Ivy Leagues also have a reputation for is gone. Completely. Networking in any sense is just... not present. The only thing you should be considering right now is - do you want an online degree, or do you not? Personally I think it sounds like a terrible deal compared to the other two. Either of the other two schools would be better than the online degree, I'd say. Since you don't seem to express any preference of La Verne over Pepperdine, I'd say go with Pepperdine. It's a great school, as you said it offers BOTH programs you are interested in. It's also right on the beach, practically. In Malibu! This is literally the antitheses of getting an online degree. Pepperdine gets my vote for sure.
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Cedar Cedar
taking online classes really wont give you the college experience. pepperdine is a great school, and the fact that it is your first choice shows you really like it. i would choose there so you get a more hands on experience with your program, which will be better in the future.
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Annie Annie
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Xzavier Xzavier
I recognize your ambition, in the best sense of term, but the best answer is none of the above. The only MBAs that usually eventually return to the student the tuition fee and the earnings that are lost while studying are those on the top thirty lists (classroom programs) of US News and Business Week. An exception is if the MBA leads to a sufficient promotion at the student's present place of employment.
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