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Asylum and Immigration help? Topic: Visa application letter uk
July 20, 2019 / By Helga
Question: uk Immigration refuse my visa,i was apply to family visit visa im srilankan,i sent all document 2 my sponsor he set all document and last Friday (30-05-2008) he sent to Asylum and Immigration, my sponsor is my brother and cousin , this my question , when they will sent the letter? how long it ll take? is it any way Track my application in online? can my sponsor go to AIT HEARINGS ? whn they will call ? what is the (AIT Original decision overturned visa issued)? how long it ll take? thnx give me good answer!!!
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Dyan Dyan | 9 days ago
I really don't know much about UK immigration but the person above who answered your question could use a swift kick and a hard one at that!!!!! On the other hand your situation sounds complicated. You should really seek an attourney. Good Luck!!! Edit: To my people giving me the thumbs down, you all need a really REALLY good swift kick too!!
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Dyan Originally Answered: Mr. O, Can you Compare and contrast Mexico's immigration law, American immigration law,?
Mexican Bandido......says to examine the Mexican way of immigration, we tried, that's what the marches have been approximately whilst a congressmen tried to bypass a bill announcing it can be a legal to be right here illegally, however the Mexican activests and the Mexican Bandido had their mouth stretched over it, and we've been observed as racists. yet whilst Mexico has it as regulation its all good, Mexican Bandido make up your concepts. If the Mexicans have the regulation it is fantastic, if the individuals desire the regulation have been racists.
Dyan Originally Answered: Mr. O, Can you Compare and contrast Mexico's immigration law, American immigration law,?
Simple you are jailed for breaking the laws of Mexico if your illegal but with our present Congress illegals are rewarded for coming into our Country or not renewing their visas.
Dyan Originally Answered: Mr. O, Can you Compare and contrast Mexico's immigration law, American immigration law,?
You know he would never do that; he already thinks US law is "misguided" and subject to abuse. To compare it to a much harsher Mexican law is something he would never do, not ever.

Dyan Originally Answered: If you are against the Arizona immigration law, then what is your solution to the immigration problem?
I'm not sure if there is any way to stop people seeking a better life. You could try a Berlin style wall, though it may cause more problems than it solves.
Dyan Originally Answered: If you are against the Arizona immigration law, then what is your solution to the immigration problem?
Okay, These concerns are not as simple as making new laws, and everything will be fixed. There are many reasons for the illegal immigrant situation. Before I get started let me say that I don't support either party, they are both responsible for the state of the nation which as we know sucks. I do believe in the rule of law. Which is why I support sticking to the constitution. In your very first sentence, you state "How can people think that illegal immigrants have ANY citizen rights?" Constitutionally anyone who is in the control of the government, ie. police, state agencies, prisons, and so on. Are guaranteed equal rights. As far as why people from other countries come here is for the security of the government, ie taxpayer handouts. As well as finding work and making money to help their families survive. Because the government has turned America into a welfare state people will continue to come here. If you subsidize something, you will surely get more of it. Now because the unemployment rates are so high and the economy is so bad, this highlights illegals working here and people claim that they are taking Americans jobs. If our elected officials would stop killing the economy, the market would be robust and we could make it easier for people to come here through legal channels to fill jobs, that would need filling during a robust economy. It is very long and difficult for people to come here legally. That should change. If an illegal breaks the law, and in the course of the investigation it becomes evident that the person is here illegally. That person should be deported after their debt for their crime has been paid. I also agree with you that just because you are born here, doesn't mean you are automatically a citizen. There is some confusion about what the 14th Amendment actually says and means. It states "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" are citizens. I don't believe just because you were born here, puts you under the jurisdiction thereof. So again, there is no simple answer to a very complicated situation. I would end the welfare state for everyone. Citizens and illegals. Government handouts are really taxpayer handouts. That means the government takes a citizens property (their money) and gives it to others in the form of welfare. I believe that to be unconstitutional. Secondly, I would get the government out of the economy. The free market works great if it is left alone to work. This would gives us the growing economy we need to open our doors to immigrants wanting to come here legally. As a side note, but still relative. Private business creates wealth. Government consumes wealth. More government equals less freedom. Less government equals more freedom. I like freedom.
Dyan Originally Answered: If you are against the Arizona immigration law, then what is your solution to the immigration problem?
The reality is that we don't have an "Illegal Immigration" problem in America. We have an "Illegal Employer" problem. The fact is that we had an open border with Mexico for several centuries, and "illegal immigration" was never a serious problem. Before Reagan's presidency, an estimated million or so people a year came into the US from Mexico - and the same number, more or less, left the US for Mexico at the end of the agricultural harvest season. Very few stayed, because there weren't jobs for them. Non-citizens didn't have access to the non-agricultural US job market, in large part because of the power of US labor unions (before Reagan 25% of the workforce was unionized; today the private workforce is about 7% unionized), and because companies were unwilling to risk having non-tax-deductible labor expenses on their books by hiring undocumented workers without valid Social Security numbers. But Reagan put an end to that. His 1986 amnesty program, combined with his aggressive war on organized labor (begun in 1981), in effect told both employers and non-citizens that there would be few penalties and many rewards to increasing the US labor pool (and thus driving down wages) with undocumented immigrants. A million people a year continued to come across our southern border, but they stopped returning to Latin America every fall because instead of seasonal work they were able to find permanent jobs. The magnet drawing them? Illegal Employers. If Congress were to pass a law that said, quite simply, that the CEO of any business that was caught employing illegal immigrants went to jail for a year - no exceptions - then within a month there would be fifteen million (more or less) people lined up at the Mexican border trying to get out of the United States. The US unemployment rate would drop close to zero, and wages would begin to rise. The American middle class would begin to return to viability, as would the union movement in this nation Start HARSHLY penalizing "Illegal Employers" and non-citizens without a Social Security number will leave the country on their own. Easy, simple, cheap, painless. No Reform No Amnesty No Fence To Build. No Mass Deportations Necessary. No Need For Homeland Security To Get Involved. When Jobs and Public Resources are not available most undocumented workers will simply leave the country

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