Ex won't leave me alone, how do I get him to back off?

Ex won't leave me alone, how do I get him to back off? Topic: How to write a play report
July 20, 2019 / By Helena
Question: I met this guy named Nate about 3 years ago when I started working at the mall. There wasn't a physical attraction but I know that isn't everything so I still gave it a shot. We talked for about a year but it just wasn't getting on that level for me so I was honest. I told him we should just be friends because he is a great person but us in that way wasn't going to work. Literally we could talk on the phone all night about random things but I wasn't able to make the transition into something more. I had only ever kissed him on the cheek. Well a few months later I met my now fiance. He was the new guy at the same place Nate was a manager at. I hadn't seen Nate around lately, I figured he had moved because he had been talking about it. Nate came back about 3 months later, was nice at first and then about a week later found out about my fiance and completely flipped. He turned into a passive agressive jerk! According to him I'm just a whore who plays mind games and even tried to convience him that I had a STD. He wasn't falling for it so since Nate was the manager decided to play games with his hours and finding reasons to write him up. He eventually quit and now is at Army basic training. Now Nate calls me EVERYDAY and will come to the store I work just to buy small things and try to make a long conversation while doing it. Then will get angry when I won't "help" him but have my co-workers do it instead. I'm 23 and won't be getting married/leaving til Feb. Any advice?
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Dulcibella Dulcibella | 7 days ago
You could of told him way earlier how you were really feeling because that could end up like you realize with just leading a person on. You are not acting like a "slut" as another person said but you did mess up in this situation. Then again you did finally tell him and he moved for months but at the end of the day thats neither here nor there and doesn't make either of you right. You have to just be honest with him. Understand that for a person to stick around for a year and only gets a kiss on the cheek they had true feelings then to get cut off and have to look at the person everyday who "took you" is very hurtful. Tell him one last time that you are sorry about what happened but it isn't going to work. He can either accept it this way your last few months will end with you both being on good terms or he can continue being akward pushing you away for good. If things get too bad report him but I doubt things will get that bad. I wish you the best :)
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Dulcibella Originally Answered: What do you guys think of this email asking for my job back after not being invited back (seasonal job)?
You lost a chance of getting the job back when you didn't follow up on the planned time off last year. They don't need that. Move on to other job opportunities. And use it as a lesson of what not to go again.

Cecelia Cecelia
And you've blocked and deleted his number, so he's not reaching you and his co-workers are helping him. I would go to the manager and ask that he be barred from the store. If he's there all the time and not buying anything, he's harassing you. Use those words - harassing you. being barred from the store and maybe being deployed soon will get him away from you. I would call the police dept and ask about stalking and harassment policies and laws and ask them what can you do. Restraining orders are usually for threats, but maybe you can do that.
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Annette Annette
Hm. How honest are you really being? DID you lead him on? He has no right to be a nuisance now, but you should REALLY learn your lesson from this. Don't play games with men and don't let them think they are with you (for a year!) when you are not sure. You called him your ex, but say that you only kissed him on the cheek. Curious. I would tell him calmly that he is making you uncomfortable and ask him to move on. If he continues bothering you, get a restraining order. This could have been A LOT worse. Really.
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Wyot Wyot
SMH!! So you teased him for a year and now you call him a jerk because he is hurt because your banging a guy he has to look at everyday?? A guy in his same building!!! Geez!!! Your pretty heartless!! You may not be a sluut but I am pretty sure the people who seen you with Nate and your now fiancée probably think different of you!!
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Shea Shea
Do not answer his calls and always have someone else wait on him. Let him get mad. If he talks in an abusive way, talk to your supervisor at work. If he threatens you , talk to the police.
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Shea Originally Answered: Should my bf leave me?
You need to realize that if your boyfriend is still with you, he's not going anywhere. If he didn't want to stay, he wouldn't. Trust me. The first 6 months I dated my boyfriend I asked him about once or twice a month why he picked me and why he liked me and he answered every time and I eventually realized that he wasn't going anywhere. You need to get this confidence. He is there for you, don't find reasons to push him away. I think you need to work on yourself more than worry about your relationship. Try to be positive. I have been depressed too and when I am I cry and scream like you but I always call or text my boyfriend and he talks me through it. Try to do this when you get upset, he won't always be there but see if he could write notes for you so when you get upset and he's not around you can just read a note and realize that everything will be okay. You should also remove anything in the place you live that can harm yourself, it's not safe and that is the first issue you should address. Seek professional help for you depression and whenever you have the urge to cut talk yourself out of it. Make a list, or have your boyfriend make a list, of all of the good things in your life, list good memories, list your plans for the future, and every time you get depressed read that list and it'll help remind you that you have an incredible life to live for and that you can't give that up. Don't give up on yourself. Also, there is a website called sixbillionsecrets.com and it is a place that people that suffer from depression go to tell their stories and share it with others and it's a great way to get things off your chest without being judged and a place where you can see that you aren't alone in this. You can also call hotlines if you ever feel like cutting again and they will help you through it. Don't give up, there are so many people that are here for you and love you. Be brave, you've already been so brave, keep it up, and you will succeed so much and make a great life for yourself with your boyfriend. I hope this helps, good luck! =)

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