Why am I so mean? How do I not be mean?

Why am I so mean? How do I not be mean? Topic: How to write a check with no change
July 22, 2019 / By Helaine
Question: A lot of people think I'm mean. Usually I rely don't care but this one girl who never talks bitçhed out at me and it kinda really hit me. I start realizing how mean I am. I met a new friend and she's overweight and have security problems and seriously annoys me with her self pity and whininess. So, I always tease her and make comments about being fat and I always try to alienate her and she gets really upset but I really like it. Im mean to everyine but mostly overweight people, posers, wannabes and nerds. Its like they dont deserve to be treated well. I hate them the moment i see them and i dont even really know why. When im sad or frustrated or confused i get mad and then i hate eerything. And im a different person in a way. I hate nice people especially. I dont trust them. They are the only ones that scare me in way. Sure, i intimidate them but its those nice, outspoken kids that really bring me on edge. I cant understand why theyre so nice. I think theyre actually mean on the inside.I kinda likr being mean because then everyones kinda afraid of me and leaves me alone but I really don't want to be mean but at the same time I can't change and a part of me doesn't want to change. I'm also mean to my mom and I tell her what a bad mother she is. And she cries, and I know I should feel bad but I don't. I know how twisted this is but it's fine to me and I like seeing her cry in a way. It gives me satisfaction. I try to be nice but if I'm nice at one time at another time, I'll be really mean and code. The most twisted thing is, I like how these people are hurt by me. And I don't even physically hurt them and people get hurt so easily. I never try to make things up to people. It's almost like they deserve everything I say but I know they really don't. Everyone is my friend but no one really is my friend.
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Drew Drew | 4 days ago
You need a serious reality check.... Yeah...those people are not scared of you, they just think you are a b****. It's probably because you act like a b****. You even just wrote a giant paragraph about how big of a b**** YOU think you are. Get over yourself. Quit paying so much attention to other people and what they do. Why does it matter? High school doesn't last forever. So what if YOU think people are wannabes or posers or nice because they're really mean inside? So what if they are mean inside, at least they are not acting like a childish cow to everyone for no reason. Are you jealous? are you jealous of everyone? Quit being so preoccupied with everyone else and work on yourself. Try fixing what you don't like about yourself, try figuring out why you are so uncomfortable acting like a normal person. You are one of those cliches that treats people bad to make themselves feel good. Figure out why. Why are you sooo fu**ing insecure, why do you feel inferior, that you must attack everyone. Maybe nice people be nice because it's the fu**ing right, polite thing to do. Maybe they have more confidence than you. Treat others how you want to be treated. Be nice to your mom, she's probably sad because as hard as she tried, her daughter still acts like a b**** all the time. Right now you are a very sad, not very good person. And yes,you can change!! Don't b fu**ing lazy too! Stop making excuses to be a crappy personality that no one likes. Just stop being fu**ing rude all the time. Right now YOU are the one that deserves to be treated bad until you change. You absolutely deserved getting bitched out by that girl. Good for her. You need to change before you fu** yourself out of being able to have a good career, because you treat everyone like sh*t. See how long you fu**ing last. What boy is ever gonna want to stay with you? "Oh yeah I love my bi*** wife, she makes me feel so shitty everyday." don't punish the people who care about you bc you hate who you are. YOU HAVE TO CHANGE! Your future will be better for it.
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