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July 17, 2019 / By Heidi
Question: Define Socialization Discuss the role of socialization plays in human development. Describe the effects of extreme isolation on children Analyze the roles of family, school, peer group, and mass media in socializing young people. What are the four processes, as defined by symbolic interactionasim, for socialization in adulthood ? Give an example of desocialization and the effect it has on people. Do we use some people as mirrors more than others? Explain your answer.
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Dotty Dotty | 2 days ago
Wasn't it nice of Simon to do your homework assignment for you? Of course, if you plan to get through school via Yahoo Answers, you won't really have learned a thing, will you? Too bad that Simon didn't study enough to know about Kingsley Davis' classic study of extreme isolation or Harry Stack Sullivan's analysis of George Herbert Mead's theory, especially the section that Sullivan referred to as "significant others." I think that if you refer to the chapter on "Socialization" in your textbook and/or your lecture notes, you'll easily find all of the answers that you need.
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Dotty Originally Answered: Can someone help me think of questions to ask for my sociology project?
1.When sociologists have no clue about what areas to focus on they do a quick pilot study based on focus group discussion, using qualitative interviewing. 2. So use this as your first step ie have a few open ended questions to about three or four girls, or even just have a quick chat to your Mum and your Aunties, on how to operationalise the two key terms a)aspects of male appearance b)putting up with "what potentially intolerable' behaviour 3.Then use their ideas to develop your more quantitative questions to a wider group of young girls 4.in your methodolgy section of your final paper indicate that you have used this two step process ie the pilot study to operationalise the vague initial concepts for the broader sample
Dotty Originally Answered: Can someone help me think of questions to ask for my sociology project?
You could ask Does the appearance of males affect your tolerance of him? If so, how? that's all i got.. :/ lol

Catriona Catriona
1.Socialization is a term to describe your norms & values, personal views, etc, how you're brought up by your parents, how you act in society, etc. . 2.The role of socialization plays a big part in human development because without it people wouldn't know how to function in society, primary socialization is very important because it teaches children the skills that they need in life e.g their norms and values, how to get on with people. Without it we wouldn't be "normal". 3. It can lead to extreme anti social behaviour, speech problems, maybe mental health problems? 4. the roles of the family are important because it provides emotional support, economic support, educational support. The roles of school teaches children social control e.g making sure they turn up every day on time, having the correct uniform, (Hidden Curriculum), Qualifications to get a job/further education, knowledge. Peer group's are also important because they influence each other, for example what clothes to wear, what music they should listen to. And they can also stop children from getting on at school - distracting each other from work. Mass Media - It influences young people because they are exposed to e.g violence, celebrities etc. not sure about 5 sorry. 6. Personal status - If you have a image in your peer group for example and losing it and they stop being friends because you're differnent and finding it hard to get some more friends. not sure about 7 either sorry. (Hope it helps.)
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Catriona Originally Answered: Sociology homework questions. can someone help?
for the second one, refer to a question i asked. it's not directly answering the question but their are some interesting things there which will give you something to say. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Atcs63UbBvR1JUCqxyXe7YXty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080504105000AAjKPPz hope it helps.
Catriona Originally Answered: Sociology homework questions. can someone help?
1. student visa (http://www.unitedstatesvisas.gov/studyin... 2. state mandated population control policy (China's One Child Policy)

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