Pros and cons of netbooks?

Pros and cons of netbooks? Topic: Cons of homework
July 22, 2019 / By Hayley
Question: Im looking for a computer and I came across the netbooks so I want to know whats good and bad about netbooks. Also what brand I should get.
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Dorothea Dorothea | 5 days ago
Pros: -Very portable -Lightweight -Perfect for basic functions on the go; homework, facebook, music, web browsing, etc. Cons: -No CD/DVD drive built in -Perhaps too small for some people's liking (10" screen or less) -Very low specs; not good for anything beyond basics listed above
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Cath Cath
Pro's = Portability, Light weight, cost efficient Con's = No CD Drive built in making it extremely hard to repair the computer (buy the external USB drive for the extra $75 as it's worth it in the long run). The overheat faster. Limited resources.
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Annabelle Annabelle
my opinion there are no good points the ones i've borrowed are bad paperweights stick to a smallish laptop with inbuilt wifi
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