What gets in your way to have the best life possible?

What gets in your way to have the best life possible? Topic: How to write a research paper medical
July 22, 2019 / By Haydee
Question: I think I'm what gets in my way most. My fears and my beliefs that I can't succeed. I guess the real question is, how can I get past that?
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Doretta Doretta | 1 day ago
Fear and lack of confidence is like an out-of-control fire. How would you put an out-of-control fire out? With water, of course. : ) Instead of water, though, we put out fear and lack of confidence with buckets full of courage and competence. Change doesn't happen in one sudden mighty magnificent epiphany. We build up our personal resources slowly over time with one little bucket of water here and there. It builds up. Here are some suggestions that work for me: 1. Penny in the bucket. For every negative thought you have, it's like throwing away a penny of yourself. For every positive thought you have, it's like putting a penny in the "bucket" of yourself. Work hard not to throw away the pennys of yourself and work even harder at filling your bucket with as many positive thoughts about yourself as possible. 2. Build assertiveness. I strongly recommend to women that they take three or four different assertiveness training courses over a two year period. These courses are short and sweet. And they enormously redefine your confidence. 3. Read Peale's "The Power of Positive Thinking." It's classic. It's overly simple. But it works. Research shows clearly that people who read that book just once have higher self-esteem after than before AND they suffer less depression than control groups afterwards. 4. We become confident through competence. We become competent through learning and REAL experience. Make a deeply personal committment to a learning plan. Learn manual arts like knitting, welding, how to build a birdhouse. Be methodical. Familiarize yourself with, say, the ten most common hand tools and make a point to learn how to use each one. Familiarize yourself with twenty of the most fundamental recipes and learn them them WELL. MASTER them. Move on as a serious lifelong hobby of learning the most important ten to twenty elements of every manual art you can. There is great wisdom and confidence that arises from that. 5. Get focused on learning what is important, or rather, what has higher priority. Train yourself to see learning as a survival issue. So, start low on Maslow's hierarchy of needs and move up from there. Pretend that you must learn and prepare for a day when you will have to lead 2000 children on a distant planet and must build some kind of society for them before you die. Learn THAT stuff. http://honolulu.hawaii.edu/intranet/committees/FacDevCom/guidebk/teachtip/maslow.htm 6. Get in top-notch health and physical conditioning. STAY that way. Don't start with gyms and classes. Design your own individual regimen. Learn Tai Chi and two martial arts. The process of learning martial arts trains your mind and character to handle obstacles and personal weaknesses more powerfully. Avoid idleness and laziness. Burn the TV forever. 7. Read the classics. Get a several lists of the "One Hundred Most Important Literary Works in History" and read them in chronological order. Give yourself a classical education. Start self-study in math. Math enhances our critical-thinking skills, makes our minds powerful. Check out from a library or neighborhood school the first three primary grades' math texbooks. Work through them just like a student. Then, do the next three grades' texbooks. Keep going . . . forever. 8. Get a good medical check-up. Numerous medical disorders need to be ruled out to be sure you aren't fighting against your own body's inbalances. 9. Journal. NOT diary. JOURNAL. In the journal, speak only of the positive, NEVER about your feelings like in a diary. Pretend this journal is all that those 2000 children on that faraway planet are going to have to remember and honor you by someday. Use real ink and a bounded noble book of rich paper. Form your thoughts carefully, one sentence at a time, before putting ink to paper. Write slowly, carefully to train your mind to slow down and focus squarely. 10. Make money. Save every penny. Do not participate in runaway consumerism. Build a financial nest egg that only YOU know about. Keep it secret always. Knowing it's there, no matter how small or how big, gives us an edge of confidence and sense of well-being that means, "I can take care of myself". 11. Grow things. Garden indoors and outdoors. Be around young children. Nurture and teach others. 12. Try new stuff, scary stuff. This is what I tried to blow the low self-esteem cobwebs from my heart and I live for it to this day: CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.popular-pics.com/PPImages/skydiving-fearless-men.jpg
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Cassidy Cassidy
I imagine it vary from person to person, as would the defintion of 'best life possible'. I like booze & porn. Fortunately both are fairly easy to come by. I guess you could say that either a lack of money to afford them gets in the way sometimes. Also, my wife gets in the way too. She doesn't like me to get drunk while she is at work, and she says I spend way too much money on porn. (I really don't, maybe $100/month). Sometimes I need to go over to a friends house to drink, or check out whats on the Spice channel. But that's not really and obsticle, more of a solution. To answer your second question. The best way to get over your fears is just to do it. Sure, sometime's I'm 'afraid' to goto the porno shop and buy some raunchy video, it can be embarassing. But after doing it for a few times, that fear goes away. Now the clerk tells me about the new imported videos from Romania. Just have a positive attitude, it will all work out.
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Annabel Annabel
Well at this point in time is my living status, if I wasn't stuck I could could be living completely free of things that draw me back, but I still don't let that get in the way of my growing knowledge that completely makes me happy, I am surrounded by people who make me smarter and form who I really am. I will be were I am superposed to be very soon and that will open my horizon's.
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Winfred Winfred
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Shad Shad
Attitude, gets in the way a lot. "A person is just as happy as they make up their minds to be" - Abraham Lincoln Just believe in yourself, you CAN succeed.
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