Islam believes the ark of the convent will be regained then why is the temple mount run by the Waqf?

Islam believes the ark of the convent will be regained then why is the temple mount run by the Waqf? Topic: How to write a will in indiana
July 17, 2019 / By Hatty
Question: for those who think this isn't imporant don't answer because this is to me. The Waqf is the Muslim authority in charge of the temple mount
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Best Answers: Islam believes the ark of the convent will be regained then why is the temple mount run by the Waqf?

Dorean Dorean | 9 days ago
Goes to show how stupid they are. The Ark is not a carnal thing. The Ark is spiritual, and has a meaning. It is not a physical box, like in the movie, Indiana Jones. The Bible is written in Parables. Jesus said so Himself. "I speak in parables, so not everyone will understand." When Christ changed the water to wine, he didn't literally do that, as people perceive, in a physical way. He changed the old laws (old testament being the water), to the new laws (new testament, being the wine), including the Gentiles being saved, along with the Jews, as before, in the old testament, only Jews could go to Heaven. Simple, simple.
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Dorean Originally Answered: Why do jews think that YHWH allowed His temple to be destroyed and desecrated with the islam dome?
Compare Christian beliefs with Jewish beliefs and you'll see just how vastly opposed they are JUDAISM/ISLAM- says that no human can ever die for the sins of others CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - says that Jesus died for the sins of mankind JUDAISM/ISLAM - says that all humans are born pure, and innocent CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - some say that all humans are born with 'original sin'. JUDAISM - a “virgin birth”/offspring w/human women is a pagan myth mainstay – G-d doesn’t become human CHRISTIANITY/ISLAM (including ‘messianics’) - says that Mary gave birth, though a virgin JUDAISM - says that the Jewish Messiah won’t need a 'second coming' CHRISTIANITY/ISLAM (including ‘messianics’) - says that Jesus will have a 'second coming' JUDAISM/ISLAM - says that every human should speak directly to G-d CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - Jesus claims in the 'new testament' that the 'only way' to G-d is via him and often pray to Jesus before G-d JUDAISM/ISLAM - says G-d is one, indivisible, cannot be separated into three aspects/incarnations CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - some sects speaks of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit JUDAISM - says that we are ALL equally G-d's children CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - says that Jesus was 'god's son' above all others ISLAM - some Muslims claim that the prophets are perfect and have never sinned, others believe the prophets sinned and repented JUDAISM - has no concept of 'hell' CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - *some* Christians believe non-believers go to 'hell' ISLAM - most Jews and Christians and all non-Jews/non-Christians go to hell though some state that only Allah knows who will end up in hell JUDAISM - has no 'devil', the Jewish 'Satan' is just an ordinary angel, under G-d's control CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - describes 'Satan' as a devil and 'fallen' angel ISLAM - Satan was a jinn created from fire JUDAISM - the 'messiah' will be a normal, mortal man who must fulfill all the Jewish messianic prophecies in one normal, mortal lifetime CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - Jesus was the 'messiah' and will fulfill the prophecies when he 'returns' ISLAM - believes Jesus was a prophet, not a “son of G-d”. Mohammad is the last prophet JUDAISM - says that the righteous of ALL faiths will reach 'gan eden' or 'garden of eden'. CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - some Christians insist that only those who 'know Christ' can reach heaven ISLAM - some Jews and Christians will reach Paradise, Muslims reach paradise and have it better than Jews and Christians. Many Muslims believe that G-d judges all equally. JUDAISM - The “law”/covenant is seen as a blessing, not a burden that can never be fulfilled. Being perfect isn’t the point in Judaism. Being aware of the 613 commandments, we have G-d on our minds almost hourly. That is part of the covenant, we obey G-d’s laws and G-d ensures Judaism will survive forever. CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - Views the commandments as restrictive and impossible (except the 10 in stone). It is believed in Christianity that the death of Jesus was necessary because living by the laws is impossible and view the commandments as something of a curse. ISLAM - Views religious laws as part of the religion and of being observant and submissive to G-d, much as Jews do. JUDAISM - forbids Jews from trying to convert anyone to Judaism CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - believes in actively 'witnessing' and encouraging people to convert to Christianity ISLAM - all must convert to Islam or pay a fine to remain Christian or Jewish and live as 2nd class citizens (all others must convert or die) JUDAISM - The Torah remains unchanged CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - differences from the original Torah ISLAM - claims the Torah and Christian bible were corrupted (with no proof) JUDAISM/ISLAM - no concept of original sin CHRISTIANITY (including ‘messianics’) - some sects of Christianity believe in “original sin” to justify the need for a savior. Others believe that humankind cannot keep from sinning and requires a savior to cleanse them. Thanks to MP with some twists by QP and me
Dorean Originally Answered: Why do jews think that YHWH allowed His temple to be destroyed and desecrated with the islam dome?
If jews are so eager to distroy the dome of rock... Then they should have the center to do the job themselves......B/c more often than not in jewish sacred books it's prohibitted to ruin the Dome of Rock......I.E, the intent they ask Muslims to damage it...
Dorean Originally Answered: Why do jews think that YHWH allowed His temple to be destroyed and desecrated with the islam dome?
You have a lot of things confused and are also accepting replacement theology and Christian dogma as ways to learn about Judaism, not a good way at all.. You have so many things confused and so much misconception that it is hard to explain all of it in the space alotted. I believe I've written a few things before though that will actualy help you understand and clear up much of your confusion and I'll give you references where you can learn even more. You're confused about both Jewish history and the history of Christianity. As I said..you've asked a LOT of questions and to try to address all of them is going to require a LOT of reading...and i think I've actually addressed all major points if you read each of these links. Regarding the second Temple http://mamaspajamaparty.blogspot.com/200... http://mamaspajamaparty.blogspot.com/201... Regarding your confusion to refer to Jesus as Mosaich ben Yosef when he was never a messiah ( anointed ruler in Israel) and to refer to him by the prophecy of the Messiah of the tribe of Epharaim ( the tribe of Yosefs progeny) is to negate what the New Testament claims about Jesus. >http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?... the reference at this past answer is a bad link but here is the new corrected link > http://www.moshiach.com/questions/topten/what_is_moshiach_ben_yosef.php http://www.moshiach.com/discover/tutorials/moshiach_ben_yossef.php Regarding the Christian Bible's claim of the temple "veil" being torn > http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110205174142AAkINmb Regarding the Saducees and Pharisees http://mamaspajamaparty.blogspot.com/search/label/Pharisees Jewish beliefs about the Tanakh do not differ but of course our practices and customs differ. Pharisees of course spoke of haSatan, but he was not the demon deity of the underworld Devil.. When they spoke of demons, sometimes they had taken the false gods of others and morphed them into demons..and in Jewish thinking..humans are more powerful than demons or HaSatan to overcome our evil inclination. At no time was there any entity that can battle God for control of the creation. Regarding apocyrphya and the Jewish Bible and Christian dogma > http://mamaspajamaparty.blogspot.com/search/label/Bible read both of those entries please Please note all references. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110112183329AA7PFsR < regarding the Chrisian notion of their Devil and where it came from regarding Judaism in "modern" times, this next answer has references to every movement of Judaism http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20110327114201AAcBF2K

Cassia Cassia
I do not know about the Islamic beliefs. I know that Christian apocalyptic prophecy requires the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. And I know that on the site currently is the Mosque of Omar. Is there room to build the temple on the same site? Some say this will be the "abomination of desolations" referred to in Revelation. The Temple of Solomon was destroyed and about 600 or so years later, the Mosque was built on the site.
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Cassia Originally Answered: Jesus last sermon on the mount ,and mohammeds last sermon on the mount?ummm why do these two events match?
A lot of whats in the koran is stolen while other stuff twists/directly contradicts the Bible. Religion doesnt = the truth but many CONFUSE telling the TRUTH (offends many) with HATRED. Fatal koran errors: Jesus is the Son of God, died on a cross (only perfect sacrifice 4 our sins) & rose from the dead which the koran denies (some muslims call Him the Messiah but deny His Deity). God of Israel is real but islam's allah isnt - The sons of God r ONLY thru Isaac not Ishmael (the correct statement). Allah is a generic word 4 God but since its mostly used by Islam its association is used by Satan 2 fool those who dont know the real Jesus (why many r confused - i.e. PBUH may seem 2 add respect but its nonsense). Islam's claim that the Bible validates mohammud/islam but the Bible is corrupt is nonsense. Sadly, muslims/others r mislead as they try 2 live by God's Law - punishment = death. No1 can live w/o breaking God's eternal Law = sin (why we need the real Jesus who died 4 our sins). Only 1 God can occupy infinity & that God is the God of Israel so theres no allah/other gods - only fully provable b/c Jesus Christ is the 1 & only true Son of God & He wasnt speaking out of 2 let alone 1000s of the sides of His mouth (no confusion - God's fixed order of all things Biblical). The qoran distorts/steals from the Bible - devil uses this 2 fool ppl who dont know the real Jesus. Neither a label (like brother/sister/friend) /title/name, its history, # of members/converts, amount of time it existed nor claims made about them (like persecution) means anything (u can call anything anything). Its whats practiced that makes them either the whole truth or a lie. A dictionary definition doesnt necessarily encompass God's full definition or usage of a word (or His exceptions thereof). I.e. Jesus/all Biblical prophets were never muslims no matter what islam claims (calling a dog god doesnt make it God). The real Jesus Christ is the only true way 2 salvation (Acts 4:12 - on an individual level) not Islam (God never sent Muhammud - no NEW prophets after Jesus, who cancels out the need 4 "new-teaching" prophets). Islam (man-made religion) has nothing 2 do with knowing God (only obvious 2 those who know the real Jesus Christ). Wrong teaching comes from false prophets, canceling all they claim. When u dont know the real Jesus, accepting His death/resurrection & true position/Biblical teachings, the result is false teachings that kills u & ur offspring - Many ways seem right 2 man but its end = death (u cant worship in truth & in error - error cancels all u teach). The crux of the problem is many men (having limited knowledge) try 2 know who God is by imposing human limitations 4 understand things 2 God's abilities. Muslims make the mistake of believing the Bible has many errors/rewritten, that the koram is "the" perfect holy book). The Bible is only full of errors if u dont accept Jesus as God's real Son & if ur determined 2 dismiss God's Biblical truth. God will give u what u want in ur heart. Many r determined 2 dismiss God & will b given over 2 their hateful hardened heart. Muslims say the Qu'ran is perfect but it has blatant fatal errors - Problem is theres many religions/varieties/offshoots. 1 day I realized they cant all b right (ie. theres 1 Bible, why so many interpretations? - II Pet 1:**19-21). Most religions came thru ppl who thought up things 4 a God they/others liked. Some realized religion could b good 2 control the masses/4 other agendas. Religion wont teach u much about God (they cant teach what they dont know). Who knows more about a house the Builder or he who moves in later? Religions made many fatal mistakes but do u think God is all knowing, fully understanding His purpose 4 Jesus Christ? Many miss this: Jesus is the only 1 in history who said He's "the" way, "the" truth & "the" life (the only true way of life) & NO 1 can know God except thru Jesus (Jn 14:6 - ref Acts 4:12; Jn 5:39; 10:1,7) - means "the" whole truth was complete/finished thru what Jesus taught/did or God doesn't know what He's doing & cant b God. The truth is either fully true (absence of any lie) or its a lie (full truth cant contain a lie). Either Jesus is the only full truth or theres no actual truth & there4 no God (God would hv 2 know all Jesus was 2 do) - means Jesus is whom He says He is or He's just another false prophet among many, whom should b disregarded. If He's the actual truth then theres no need 4 any NEW teaching. This means any so-called new teaching/other beliefs or from self-proclaimed prophets/teachers r invalid & cant lead u 2 our real God. ***If Jesus came from God as His only Son as stated in the Bible then the Quran (doesnt agree with the Bible), the Book of Mormon (no such thing as "another testament"), JWs (rewrote some Bible verses - New World Translation) & other religions r wrong about Jesus b/c they demote Jesus 2 just a prophet/good man (1 way or another). If Jesus Christ isnt God's Son (false prophet) then the Bible/all others r wrong. We cant hv it 2 ways. Theres only 1 Jesus & there can only b 1 true Gospel (II Cor 11:4; Gal 1:6,9; I Tm 6:3). If Jesus is whom He says He is then Muhammad (muslim follower of Islam), Joseph Smith (Mormon = Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints), Jehovah's Witnesses (JWs = Watchtower, Awake), most Catholics, many Protestants, Ellen White (7th Day Adventists), Mary Baker (Christian Scientists), the moonies (Unification church - Rev Moon), Church of Scientology (Dyanetics - L Ron Hubbard), Buddhism, Hinduism & others presenting other teachings/practices r the false prophets/teachers & should b disregarded. But I can assure u the truth is in the Bible (where Jesus was coming from in everything He did/said). [Many (see above par.) claim belief in Jesus as the Son of God (but even the devil knows Jesus exists) but having studied the entire Bible (some parts many times) I state with authority that many dont know God or Jesus. If ur foundation of teaching is wrong it cancels out all ur other claims = house built upon sand. Claiming Jesus is the Messiah doesnt mean u know the real Jesus Christ] Jesus couldnt have done/said all thats in the NT unless He fully knew the entire OT (NT didnt exist when Jesus was here). Jesus couldnt hv known the entire OT unless God sent Him. The Apostles couldnt write the NT unless Jesus allowed them 2 know/remember His purpose (Lk 24:25-27,45). Only God could cause it. But no matter how much many well-meaning ppl (religious or not) read the Bible they cant find Jesus Christ w/o going directly 2 Jesus thru His Biblical instructions (Jn 5:39; 10:1,7; 3:3,5). God outsmarted man - the Bible is the only 1 that cant b properly understood w/o Jesus (Jn 14:6; II Cor 3:14; Is 29:11-12 - If Jewish ppl cant pierce the veil over the OT w/o Jesus 4 sure all the gentiles cant) - why theres many interpretations/ppl thinking its just fairy tales (Jesus came bearing the sword of division). God doesnt compromise the truth - if u do u cancel out ur being a follower of the real truth. In turn that cancels ur place in Heaven. voyc4rmwldrns
Cassia Originally Answered: Jesus last sermon on the mount ,and mohammeds last sermon on the mount?ummm why do these two events match?
this might properly be a sturdy question, butterfly. i think in Jesus. and that i'm hoping He sees me as a Christian. while i think of of the Sermon on the Mount, i think of of the Beatitudes, while Jesus talked to his chosen people. I actual have alot to benefit regardless of the undeniable fact that.

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