Bands that you think i would like that i don't already have on my list?

Bands that you think i would like that i don't already have on my list? Topic: chemical abstract
July 16, 2019 / By Hartley
Question: aiden marilyn manson silverstein the medic droid the killers saosin porcelain and the tramps afi ever since december the black maria from first to last death cab for a cutie funeral for a friend eminem(only rapper i like) scary kids scaring kids shiny toy guns nightcore nightwish freezepop i am ghost escape the fate meg & dia my chemical romance dashboard confessional breaking benjamin(sp) thursday blink 182 sum 41 avenged sevenfold deadnight hawthorne heights blue october 30 seconds to mars thrice green day qanti-flag mindless self indulgence bullet for my valentine brand new bleed the dream kill hannah playradioplay! hellogoodbye alexisonfire linkin park underoath nevermore dot dot dot ac/dc pink floyd +44 greeley estates three days grace boys like girls a static lullaby red jumpsuit apparatus the almost the automatic automatic papa roach bayside plain white t's blaqk audio story of the year the used im gonna rite more! story of the year lovehatehero billy talent trashlight vision promise me scarlet orgy plastic toys last kiss goodnight bleed ing through flyleaf copeland good charlette simple plan(old) chiodos so they say stereo junks destination delroy saydie panic at the disco phantom communique cobra starship traety of paris HIM the human abstract skillet horse the band blue collar special assorted jellybeans dropkick murphys the adicts muse evans blue the starting line the black and white city atreyu the beatles nicole atkins and the sea count the stars a day to remember the sleeping kate nash sonny moore new found glory across five aprils boy sets fire comeback kid tokio hotel the forecast rem morbid angels apocalyptica drive by counting crows a fine frenzy secondhand serenade the exies nothing popish.please.no rappers.rock in general is welcome. and i guarantee they all exist.i may have spelled some wrong from trying to type to fast though...
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Dora Dora | 7 days ago
Anyone that likes Marilyn Manson needs to listen to Alice Cooper, he's the original shock rocker. When you say Green Day, do you mean 90's Green Day or present day Green Day? Either way, try Black Flag Since you listen to The Killers, try out Primus. I think they have a similar sound. And if you like AC/DC, listen to Iron Maiden. They both have the melodic hard rock/metal sound. @->-->-
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Dora Originally Answered: What are your favorite metal bands from this EXTENSIVE list?
Alice Cooper Alien Ant Farm (1 song.) Anthrax Between the Buried and Me Black Label Society Black Sabbath Blue Cheer Bulletboys (1 song) Children of Bodom Choking Victim Cinderella Clutch Corrosion of Conformity Cradle of Filth (a few songs.) Danzig David Lee Roth The Dillinger Escape Plan Dio Faith No More Fear Factory Guns N' Roses Iron Maiden Judas Priest KISS L.A. Guns Lamb of God Led Zeppelin Leftöver Crack Lita Ford Megadeth ♥ Meshuggah Metallica Monster Magnet Mötley Crüe Motörhead Nile Ozzy Osbourne Pantera Poison (i admit it.) Priestess Primus Queens of the Stone Age Quiet Riot Rage Against the Machine Ratt Rob Zombie Scorpions Sepultura Slayer Sleep Steel Panther T. Rex Tool Twisted Sister Van Halen W.A.S.P. Warrant (2 songs.) White Zombie Whitesnake Wolfmother ^^ those are the bands i like out of that list. the rest i don't really care for, i haven't heard of or i haven't heard enough music by them to judge.

Cass Cass
All Time Low Greeley Estates Bring Me The Horizon The Devil Wears Prada Breathe Carolina Forever the Sickest Kids Karate High School Goldfinger Cute Is What We Aim For Norma Jean The Chariot Silversun Pickups Gwen Stacy Drop Dead, Gorgeous I Killed the Prom Queen
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Anita Anita
The Holdsteady Black Flag The Damned Sex Pistols Clash LA Guns(?) Silverchair Get Back Loretta
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Wilson Wilson
well im not going to read through your whole list, so ill just put what ive been listening to lately/random bands that i like that arent so well known..... from first to last greeley estates emarosa house vs. hurricane cute is what we aim for before their eyes closure in moscow jet lag gemini HILLvalley lovehatehero open the skies our last night the sound of animals fighting a thorn for every heart scary kids scaring kids anatomy of a ghost burden of a day cinematic sunrise dear whoever evaline mewithoutyou emanuel
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September September
Dance Gavin Dance A skylit drive Funeral for a friend Pierce the veil Emmure August burns red
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Nethaneel Nethaneel
panic! at the disco (before ! was removed.:old cd.) flyleaf a skylit drive metro station yeah yeah yeahs neurosonic paramore escape the fate alesana the killers underoath avenged sevenfold the spill canvas drop dead gorgeous 30 seconds to mars i can think of more but i need to do my hw.. ^.^ but according to your list we have basically the same music taste so i thought you might like those.. =]]
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Nethaneel Originally Answered: What other rock bands should I listen to based on the bands I like?
Try: The Used, Taking Back Sunday, Stone Temple Pilots, CAKE, Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, Queen, Ok Go, Collective Soul, The Clash, The Smiths, Soundgarden, Candlebox, Blink 182, Forever The Sickest Kids, Franz Ferdinand, Fuel, Garbage, Metric, Tegan & Sara, Awolnation, Live, Man Man, Modest Mouse, Nightmare of You, Oasis, Pearl Jam, The Offspring, Puddle of Mudd, R.E.M, Rise Against, Story Of The Year, Sublime, The Academy Is..., The Killers, The All American Rejects, The Fratelli's, The White Stripes, The Hives, Smashing Pumpkins. Favorite songs of your favorite bands: Aerosmith - Dream on Evanescence - Hello RJA - Face Down (of course.... how original.) Paramore - Fences PATD - But It's Better If You Do Green Day - Brain Stew Pink Floyd - Brick In The Wall Weezer - Say It Ain't So 3 Days Grace - Never Too Late Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest Radiohead - High and Dry Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box Red Hot Chili Peppers - By The Way

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