Would you call CPS?

Would you call CPS? Topic: Good reasons for doing homework pictures
July 17, 2019 / By Harriette
Question: I know this mom and she has two children one is in late elementry school aged and the other one has just started middle school. She has never hit the children that I know of. Me and her are close buddies. However she is always yelling at them and has been since we have meant. Last nite they came over for dinner and it was "will you just shut the f*** up?" "can you just leave me alone?" At home it is the same thing expect for she comes home and makes the boys stay in there rooms all nite and if they come out to ask her something she yells at them to get back in there room. There is no type of love there at all. Just always yelling. When I have taken the boys places they have asked if they can live with my hubby and me, or do they really have to go home. Dad is in the picture b/c they are married but he works really strange hours. He knows what goes on but doesn't say much about it. I feel bad for the boys but I know this is NO way to treat a child. Mom needs anger managment help. Yet at the sametime I don't want to see anything happen to the boys from CPS. Yet it drives me batty the way the kids are yelled at. I feel as if I'm in between a rock and a hard place. In away I should just mind my own business...yet these children shouldn't have to deal with the stress of mom yelling at them just to come out and ask when dinner is going to be done, or for help with there homework. I'm not trying to pass judgement as I know sometimes you are just really tried and want to be left alone...but everynite. Then the oldest boy is treated like her slave child. He can come out of the bedroom to get her a glass of water, find the remote, do the dishes, then it is right back to the bedroom for him. Any ideas if I should try to talk to her or if CPS should be called. If so what will CPS do? Thank you! She is an awesome person isn't mean to anyone else expect for her children. :( She lives across the street. I couldn't talk to her oldest he has ADD/ADHD and doesn't understand things...the way most childrent do.
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Donna Donna | 6 days ago
Before calling CPS, i would talk to your friend. You say she is a excellent person, but gets angry easy for no reason, right? It sounds like Bi-Polar. I'm not a doctor, but i see it nearly everyday because my 20 year old cousin has it. He is a great kid, but he gets angry and spouts off at anything real easy. I would encourage your friend to get help. If she comes across as not caring, or dismisses it, or doesn't want help, then tell her, well i am going to have to call CPS because what you are doing to the kids is wrong, and you won't get help. Good Luck! I feel for those kids! I have to add, if she does get help, is there any family members her kids could stay with until she gets stable? Or maybe they could stay with you?
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Casey Casey
CPS won't do anything about this except make a house call. Yelling at your kids won't get them taken away from you. Since you're friends and you recognize the frustrations of being a parent, perhaps you can find ways to help her out. Offer to help the kids with their homework sometimes or invite them all to dinner so she can "take the night off." You could even take her kids out to do something fun and give her some "me" time. Maybe she'll be able to see that the way she's treating them isn't cool when she's got some time to herself...or maybe she'll get the hint through your generosity.
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Anise Anise
Wow....you are really in a hard place. Well if that was my friend I would first talk to her about it. See what the problem is and let her know that what she is doing to those kids is not healthy. This can have a great effect later on in life. As far it continuing on I would talk to someone else other then CPS maybe you can find a program in your area that has some information on what u can do. Sorry to hear about them kids being treated like that it breaks my heart! Good Luck
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Wilmot Wilmot
Someone should call CPS, this family is in need of help. Maybe they would be willing to take parenting classes before the abuse gets any worse. Also, your influence on the kids will be a lasting effect and could help them be better parents. So, keep treating them with the kind of respect you have been. Hopefully the parents will learn to treat them right before it is too late. Children need people in their lives that are good examples and who love them, if not the parents than someone else. Good Luck.
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Sennacherib Sennacherib
You know what you need to do. That is no way to live. Call CPS and they have to tell your friend who called them on her. Also maybe you can some how arrange to keep the kids until things are figured out, if that is something you would want to do. Don't feel guilty for calling, think of the kids since they are the most important not what your friend will think.
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