Why does my cat keep pooping on the carpet outside of the litter box?

Why does my cat keep pooping on the carpet outside of the litter box? Topic: Newspaper accident articles
July 16, 2019 / By Harrietta
Question: So here's the deal. We have two cats. They have always shared one litter box. In March, we switched them to a Litter Maid automated litter box. They both transitioned flawlessly and have been using it regularly ever since. A couple of weeks ago, our little cat (little as in 7 pounds) who is the older one (7 years old) starting pooping outside of the box. The box is in our bathroom on tile floor, right outside of the bathroom is carpet and that's where she's been pooping. She has still however been using the box to pee and the big cat (13 pounds, 6 years old) still uses the box regularly. We know it's the little cat only, and that she is indeed using the box to pee. She only poops outside of the box now, not even occasionally using it for poop. Her diet is the same, her behavior (other than this) is the same. She does not appear sick. The carpet gets treated for stain and odor so there is no residual scent. Nothing has changed within the house or us. Everything is as it was when she was using it. This had not even happened once on accident until a few weeks ago. Currently, we're trying a different odor spray from Petsmart in case the other spray (fairly generic) was not entirely eliminating the odor. Tried putting newspaper in her new favorite poop spots to discourage the behavior and she would poop right next to it. Tried spraying an attractant into the box. Next attempt is to turn the box's automatic cleaning off and let her get used to a normal box again in case it ran while she was in it and it scared her. Please do not reply with anything that is not helpful. For example, "well it could be anything" is not helpful. Please only respond if you have some options to try.
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Donelle Donelle | 5 days ago
Take a look at DearTabbyTheAnswerCat.com. They have an excellent article under "Cat Care" on "Litter Box Problems." It tells the many reasons for such problems, and how to solve them. Hope this is Helpful!
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Donelle Originally Answered: Help! my cat keeps pooping outside of the litter box?
this may sound mean, but i'm not trying to be, ok? of course she's going to go when you give her no choice, and also, give her a good thought of using the litter box, she probably thinks you are punishing her for not, and cats see themselves above the law. try putting the litter box in the garage if you have one, and sit out there with her until she goes. and if she goes in the litter box, pet her, and maybe give her a treat, if she goes somewhere else, pick her up when she is one, put her in the litter box, and pet her showing her that the litter box id a good place, not a mean cat eating machine! hope this heps, love, a crazy cat girrrl

Caryn Caryn
Our cat did that because the litter box was too dirty. Well, too dirty for her was like after every time she went so we have to constantly clean it. When we had 3 cats, one wouldn't share the same litter box with the others (even though she shared a litter box with a cat for like the first 3 yrs. of her life, it just happened) so we got two litter boxes and it went back to normal. Maybe she doesn't like the location of the litter box? Or maybe you should switch back to Litter Maid? Or when we leave on a vacation or something, when we come back a cat always poops all over because she's mad we left for so long.
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Anima Anima
The litter box is dirty.... Just because it auto scoops doesn't mean the liter left behind doesn't have a odor. Put some baking soda over the liter and mix in. Next manually clean the box infront of the cat once a week so she "sees you cleaning her bathroom" cats are pissy bitches when they think your doing something wrong in their house
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Wilmer Wilmer
it must be many stuff. most of the time whilst a cat is making use of the bathing room outdoors of the clutter container, he's telling you he would not like something or he and the different cat are in a territory conflict. I advise you get yet another clutter container and positioned it in yet another room. additionally i could some pepper down have been he often makes use of the bathing room outdoors of the container by using fact cats hate pepper/
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Wilmer Originally Answered: Our cat is pooping everywhere besides his litter box?
Sometimes cats will soil around the house due to illness or because there's a problem with the litter box arrangements, but they will also do it to mark territory if they feel stressed. This web site has a check list of 18 reasons why a cat might stop using their litter box and what you can do to solve the problem. If he's using his poop to mark territory (middening) then you'll also find advice on dealing with that behaviour. http://www.celiahaddon.co.uk/pet%20probl... http://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-poo.htm... I would strongly recommend that you get him neutered and your female cat spayed as soon as possible. Not only will that eliminate the chance of them breeding but they will both be less territorial and less likely to want to scent mark their territory by spraying or pooping. It's also much better for their health as they won't develop certain forms of cancer later on in life.

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