Why does the FDA waste tax dollars testing pet medications, when human medications still have huge backup?

Why does the FDA waste tax dollars testing pet medications, when human medications still have huge backup? Topic: Fda research
July 16, 2019 / By Harriett
Question: I just read this article about pet medicines, and they were saying how, recently the FDA gave approval to some 40 pet medicines over the past 5 years. How is this possible when there are critical human applications still clogged up in the works? Does the FDA really have the time to investigate pet medicines before human medicines? Please see here for article: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/17489668/
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Donella Donella | 4 days ago
the company developing the drug has to pay for all the research and trials--that's why drugs are so expensive. Also if they were to abolish the branch of the fda that deals with veterinary products those people would probally just be laid off and not sent over to the human part.
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Caryl Caryl
abolish the FDA? then who would be responsible for assuring that food and drugs were safe and effective? also, the process for approving vet drugs is not as tedious as the process for human drugs and therefore takes less time. maybe you should do a little more research on the actual processes and scope of clinical trials than reading one artical and getting all fired up about it. do you know how many new drugs were approved for humans in the last 5 years? do you know how many phases of human clinical trials there are and the purpose/logic of each phase? do you know how long each phase typically lasts? do you know how much it costs for the development of a single possible drug candidate on average? do you know how many of those possible drug candidates actually make it to market?
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Angie Angie
the direct deaths of milions is caused by the fda and there colusion with the drug companies, fda should be abolsihed
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