POLL: Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker?

POLL: Shawn Michaels or The Undertaker? Topic: How to write a quote for painting
July 22, 2019 / By Haidee
Question: A couple of sentences stating your reasons wouldn't hurt. Thanks! BQ: Which DVD is better: Edge - A Decade of Decadence or Twist of Fate: The Matt and Jeff Hardy Story. -STAR increases your chance of BA! *Thank you*
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Dodi Dodi | 10 days ago
Shawn Michaels. Why? Here's some quotes from other wrestlers about him. "He is the epitome of big time, he's one what the measuring stick is all about. Michaels delivers, every single time he's out there." - John Cena "He's like Mozart as far as being an artist, he's a genius at what he does, and he's a genius at painting a picture, or writing a song. And only a few people in the history of the world have been up to the level as Shawn Michaels when he's in the Wrestling ring. That's his form of Artistry, and he's the best at it. For me, Shawn Michaels, as a total package, my favorite wrestler of all time. Charisma, match quality, innovation, pioneering, Interview style, moves that I've never seen before, moves that I see all the time, yeah Shawn Is the greatest of all time." - Chris Jericho "When I think of the greats that I have been privileged to see in person, two names come to mind, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels. When you look at all the variables, and you look at it objectively, how do you not say - That Shawn Michaels isn't the greatest to ever live?" - Jim Ross "A lot of guys, their great athletes, they can do it all, aerial, anything, but they don't have the mind, the passion, the heart, the drive, Shawn has all those tools. Guys ask me who's the best I've ever been in the ring with, Shawn Michaels, hands down. There's not even a comparison." - Triple H "I'd say from an all around stand point, I really don't think that Shawn has any peers, I think that Shawn is in a class all by himself." - Vince McMahon BQ: Edge - A Decade of Decadence. The Hardy DVD says stuff that we already know. With Edge's DVD you learn new things.
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Carlisa Carlisa
Shawn Michaels is better in mat wrestling high flying and he's certainly a better entertainer than the Undertaker when it comes to matches although Undertaker has a larger and more interesting moveset. The Undertaker is a phenomenal athlete for sure he always tries to improve learn new maneuvers by watching UFC and other wrestling videos but I gotta say that HBK is better at mat wrestling than the Undertaker and he always steals the show every time he's in a match. HBK can fly around better in the ring than The Undertaker obviously because HBK is smaller and can move around the ring more quickly. When it comes to wrestling on the mat Shawn Michaels is superior to The Undertaker. I like Undertaker better when he's in a match though he shows more moves in a match while HBK shows repetitive moves nowadays. On the mic both are damn near equal but Undertaker is hardly on the mic nowadays because of his gimmick so I'll give the slight edge to Shawn Michaels. Undertaker on the mic shows no emotion all dark and cold while HBK shows more emotion like hate and every time he's on the mic he's more funny and more entertaining. In charisma undoubtedly Undertaker he always gets a humongous amount of cheers even though he doesn't even try to connect with the fans. Shawn Michaels always compliments and praises the fans and gets pops but Undertaker doesn't show any reaction to the fans but gets the biggest pops even over Shawn Michaels. In charisma Undertaker is just unmatched he doesn't need to do anything and he gets cheered. Overall Shawn Michaels beats the Undertaker but very slightly i like the Undertaker but HBK is a little better. Not to mention HBK has had more memorable matches and while Undertaker has the streak HBK has created more matches that were entertaining such as the first ever ladder and Ironman match and hell in a cell with Undertaker. HBK has had legendary matches against Razor Ramon Bret Hart Undertaker Triple H Stone Cold and so many other great matches. There's a reason HBK always steals the show with his performances. BQ: Edge A Decade of Decadence it was really entertaining to see more history of Edge and his great matches not to mention i like how cocky he was.
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Andy Andy
I'd say it would have to be Shawn Michaels. The Undertaker's gimmick really gets old. He is a better wrestler, but I've recently gotten tired of him. Shawn Michaels is a funny guy who gets in peoples' heads. Undertaker gets in peoples' heads too, but Shawn Michaels is just funny, and he can really carry a match well, even against people who can't (cough John Cena cough) BQ: Edge Decade of Decadence. The matches are fantastic and he kept them in order by storyline. Plus he doesn't currently hate anyone he used to be in a tag team with, and the funny comments between matches. A star increasing chance of BA? That's cheap! Age of Orton!
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Wilber Wilber
shawn michaels is a technical wrestler while undertaker is a brawler. undertaker has held more titles in wwe but shawn michaels has had som realy long matches i will go with undertaker because of 17-0 BQ: Edge - A Decade of Decadence
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Sandy Sandy
Undertaker He has beaten HBK all ready he is better at putting on a better match than HBK BQ- Decade of Decadence
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Nash Nash
Admittedly I Like Them Both But Michael's Entertained Us With DX And Has Proven Himself Time And Time Again. But Dont get Me Wrong The Phenom Narrily Lost. BQ-Edge
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Kenzie Kenzie
shawn michaels because he's the showstopper. need i say more? bq: twist of fate the matt and jeff hardy story
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Hoshea Hoshea
HBK, because he has only lost once to the deadman. Bacck in the 90's micheals beat the undertaker in every single match they had, Hell in the cell, casket, among others. BQ:Edge, a decade of decadence because the Hardy DVD you watch it once and think, that was ok, then you watch it again and your like, why did i buy this?
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Emery Emery
Undertaker is a great wrestler But HBK is the show stopper and always has a great match no matter who he faces, Undertakers matches at times aren't always great. But they are both legends BQ - Twist of Fate
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