Should i become a Mensa member?

Should i become a Mensa member? Topic: Sample resume for jobs applications
July 22, 2019 / By Gyneth
Question: I have had two I.Q. tests, both over the minimum score of 130. I am just wondering what are the real benefits of joining, is it simple bragging rights and a larger sample of intellectual people to converse with? Could it help me to get into a better college? Thanks for helping. @Ari- I took one when was 16, my psychologist had it done for what ever reason. The second one was taken when i entered a study skills program, I am a horrible student and i am currently fixing that. I simply did not think about the first one i took until i had already taken the second one. @Ari- I am actually a physics major as well, I am learning how to be a good student at a local community college. After that i was thinking about getting my bachelors Deg. at either Tulsa University or Penn. State. I have heard they both have good physics programs, would you agree and where would you suggest going. @Eri- sorry, I miss spelled your name.
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Divina Divina | 4 days ago
Being in Mensa really isn't something you put on a resume or on your college applications, unless you join and then really participate - you'd then be able to list is as an extra curricular. But you don't otherwise put it on your resume/applications because it doesn't do anything for you. As Eri said, college admissions and etc. are not about how smart you are - they're about how you've applied those smarts. You're already on the right track - you're working on your study skills and etc. That's excellent. Beyond that, feel free to join Mensa for personal reasons, but not simply because it's something you think might be good for your resume or applications. It's really more of a social club. They run a lot of local activities that allow you to get to know other Mensa members, and of course, you can network within those groups and perhaps use that network to help you find a job when you graduate. Me, I joined because I could. But other than you (shh... :winks: ) and my husband, no one knows I'm a member. It's just a personal thing that I did, I didn't join for bragging rights.
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Carita Carita
I'm not sure why you took two IQ tests - they cost hundreds of dollars and take the better part of the day, and you only need your official IQ score once. Are you talking about internet tests? Those are fake and tell everyone they're a genius. You can only take a real one from a licensed psychologist. Anyway, there are no real benefits to joining. There are two types of high IQ people - those who accomplished something with their potential, and those who need a piece of paper to prove they could have been smart if they put in the work. High IQ simply means you have a lot of potential, not that you're very smart or a genius right now - just that you might be if you tried. Colleges do not ask for IQ tests, and people at colleges are the type how actually did something with their potential. I don't know a single PhD who's a member of MENSA or could quote their IQ, but you know it's high. Joining MENSA makes you look like a wanna-be, frankly. Don't tell colleges how smart you think you are, show them. If you have a high IQ, it will show in your grades, activities, and what you've accomplished.
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Andra Andra
If you're really involved in it you can put it as an extracurricular activity^ but if not don't put it on your college application or résumé but Mensa does offer scholarships some of them you don't have to be a member to apply for though
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Wesley Wesley
Anything you can add to your application would help. Other than that, probably not much of an advantage. It probably depends on the chapter.
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I'm a SAG/AFTRA actor giving you the REAL DEAL! SAG is one of the major unions you'll eventually have to join if you plan on becoming a serious film/tv actor. SAG has jurisdiction over film, most tv shows, and commercials. AFTRA has jurisdiction over a lot of tv shows (especially sit-coms, soaps), game shows, radio, and other media. AFTRA is an open union in that you can join just by giving them $1600. However, I do NOT recommend joining AFTRA until you have to. If you book an AFTRA job you will have 30 days to work as many AFTRA jobs as you want without having to pay $1600. After the 30 days, you are a must join the next time you book an AFTRA job. Join then. You can be SAG eligible by one of these ways: 1. As a non-union actor, you can audition for a SAG project and if you nail the audition, you can be SAG elgiible. 2. If you join a sister union like AFTRA or Equity and get at least one principal speaking role in an AFTRA project or appear on a gameshow, you are now eligible a year after joining AFTRA. NOTE: Just joining AFTRA and being a member for a year alone does NOT make you SAG eligible! You HAVE to get at least one speaking part on an AFTRA show within the year of joining. 3. You can get lucky and get 3 SAG vouchers from doing Extra Work. SAG Eligible means that you can now join by giving SAG around $2400 Pros: -All of the major films, most of the major tv shows, and commercials are SAG. You must be SAG to regularly work those shows. AFTRA deals with a lot of the TV shows and anything Radio. -higher pay and residuals. -Free movies -Can vote on union issues -Protection from the union. ie. poor set conditions/treatment, etc. -Health insurance benefits -SAG Conservatory -Film society Cons: -If you join too early, it will be very difficult for you as an actor because you're up against people with A LOT of experience. -Fewer jobs -Politics -Dues -Can't do any non-union stuff

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