Why the christian priests are called as Brother, Father, Bishop?

Why the christian priests are called as Brother, Father, Bishop? Topic: The sisters brothers
July 16, 2019 / By Gweneth
Question: what is the qualification to become a brother, father, and Bishop? is it by service nature or qualification base ? will the women become such posts like sister, mother ? is this common for both cathelics and protestants ? i request christians to answer since they know well.
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Dina Dina | 9 days ago
Within Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches these are orders or different ranks or offices within the clergy or priesthood. Father is title of address used for priests in the Anglican and Catholic Church. These are fully ordained priests who can administer all of the sacraments. Brother is the title of a priest who belongs to an order, a monk who may live in a monastery, or teach in schools. Their orders are named after Saints of the Church: Benedictines, Dominicans, Franciscans, Carmelites, etc. A Bishop is the head of a diocese, that is, a group of churches under his jurisdiction. He has authority over how churches are governed, he ordains priests, and confirms new lay members into membership of the church. The various orders of priests and brothers study in seminaries for a set number of years and are then ordained as priests or brothers. In the Anglican Church a priest becomes a bishop after years of service, if he is elected to that position by the priests in his diocese. Sisters and mothers are women wo have taken vows of service, usually vows of chastity, and dedicate themselves to prayer, worship, meditation, service to the sick, teaching in schools , or other charitable causes. Like brothers, they usually belong to orders and live together in convents. Some of their orders are the Little Sisters of the Poor, Ursulines, Carmelites, Dominicans etc.
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Dina Originally Answered: Why does the Roman Catholic Church accept Episcopal priests, who are married, as priests?
Celibacy in the priesthood is a not a doctrine of the Catholic Church - the Church doesn't say married men can't be priests. Celibacy in the priesthood is for Roman/Latin Catholics and it's because that's a preference they have. They feel men can better serve the church and themselves by maintaining celibacy. Sort of like saying someone needs to have a masters degree to be a priest - but making exceptions for some people who can't do that. Eastern Catholics allow married men to become priests. I'm confused by the "unfair" remark. No one has a right to be a priest. A church has a duty to have a say in who they their spiritual leaders should be. They don't say married men can't serve the church. They can be deacons. As a deacon they can perform some of the sacraments, preach a homily, and many other things as well. Married men who are adequately trained can work as Catholic counselors, educators, lawyers, financial directors, fundraisers -- all the jobs that a priest could hold. Married men serve on parish councils, financial committess, etc - so they can have a say in how a parish is run. And if there is difficulties with a priest in a parish, people can (and should) go to their bishop to deal with it. So if a married man is called to serve God - there is a ton of ways he can do that. I think the church's arguments for a celibacy priesthood makes sense in a lot of way. A married priest's focus is split between his congregation and his family. That's a lot of pressure on someone - and there's no way around it - either the family or the congregation gets short-changed in a way. Not that such a thing is impossible - obviously it is possible. But it quite difficult - just ask the family of Christian clergy. Studies show they suffer from depression at a higher rate and their divorce rate is just as high as the general public and then there's the sterotypical "preachers kid". I know people think that allowing married men to become priests wold solve problems - but it would lead to just as many (if not more) new problems. And what is sad to me is the whole emphasis on sex that our culture has that the idea that someone would choose to remain celibate is so foreign that it's viewed as unnatural with some people even thinking it makes preists molest children. Really - sex as a cure for pedophilia? The bible teaches that celibacy is a gift from God. Celibacy is not about repressing sexuality but about discipline and focus. I have great admiration for men (and women) who forgo a family to focus all their energy on service to God and the church.
Dina Originally Answered: Why does the Roman Catholic Church accept Episcopal priests, who are married, as priests?
The Catholic Church has *always* had married priests in the Eastern Rite. The discipline of priestly celibacy is not an end-all, be-all law, but a discipline of practice enforced in the Western rite that can be dispensed by a bishop. SOME bishops have accepted Episcopal & Anglican priests into the Catholic priesthood, even though they are married & have kids, but not all. It depends on the situation. My friend who was an Anglican priest wasn't allowed to become a Catholic priest because his wife is vehemently anti-Catholic. Probably a good decision on the bishop's part. Some entire Episcopalian congregations have converted together and their bishops have enabled them to stay together as a parish with their priest converting to the Catholic priesthood, whether he's married or not, a parent or not. And none of this is unfair. A man is called to the priesthood, and a man is called to celibacy.
Dina Originally Answered: Why does the Roman Catholic Church accept Episcopal priests, who are married, as priests?
This is not as unusual as some people think. There are 23 Rites in the Catholic Church and only the Latin Rite chooses priests from those that have chosen celibacy. It is simply a self imposed discipline by those chosen. There is no conflict with Church teaching in this regard. The Church has decided to bring these people into the ark of he Church under a separate Rite which will make 24 Rites in the Church. It is a great victory for the Church's ecumenical efforts to bring these conservative Anglican Episcopals into the Church. There is no contradiction at all. God bless! In Christ Fr. Joseph

Carin Carin
A brother is the clergy in Pentecostal churches. (If you are not familiar with the denominations it may be difficult for you to understand..Pentecostal is a denomination) Father is the clergy in Catholic, Syrian and Protestant churches. You may equate him with a poojari in the temple. Bishop is a very higher post.... something like the Shankaracharya. Yes, there are qualifications and courses and all that. yes, women also become sisters and Priests. There are more sisters in Catholic churches
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The solution to this dilemna is simple. You should come clean with her and reveal your secret and deception. This is a serious- definitely not a trifling -matter. this is not fair for your girlfriend and the baby. If you and your twin brother are identical twins, then you both started out with identical DNA sequence as you were from a single egg. Although your fingerprints are unique, identical twins have indistinguishable DNA because they were born from one fertilized egg. Unlike other people, twins begin life with the same genetic profile because they are formed when a single fertilized egg divides. But tiny mutations are known to occur in DNA, the cellular acid that carries the genetic code, as cells divide during an embryo's growth. There are some small changes from mutations and such, but they are not significant enough to determine on a paternity test. Therefore paternity is hard to be determined if both of you were are identical or monozygotic twins. Fraternal twins, on the other hand, definitely won't have identical DNA; their DNA will be as similar as the DNA between two siblings. Read the sites below: Genetic Differences Between Identical Twins by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei Posted February 20, 2008 in DNA in General Identical (monozygotic) twins Raymon and Richard Miller had better watch out. The two were embroiled in a paternity suit that alleged both had slept with the same woman on the same day and nobody knew which brother had impregnated her. In May 2007, the judge decided that Raymon is the legal father of the child who was subsequently born although child support was split between the two brothers. Standard paternity testing examines 16 DNA markers which is enough to make them over 99.99% accurate. In the case of the State of Missouri and Holly Marie Adams vs. Raymon and Richard Miller, the paternity test showed that the two brothers both had a 99.999% probability of being the father. There is currently no commercially available test that can determine which of the twin brothers passed his DNA to the child even though there are ways in which the genomes of identical twins differ. Epigenomic chemical modifications Research found that epigenetic changes in twins’ genomes can increase as pairs of twins age. One of the main epigenetic processes that occurs to our DNA is methylation which can be caused by environmental exposures, such as diet and physical activity. Methylation can lead to differences in gene expression and as we age, the amount of DNA methylation increases. So, it’s expected that identical twins will grow less and less similar in their patterns of DNA methylation and gene expression as their lives progress especially if their lifestyle habits and surroundings differ greatly DNA copy-number-variation profiles. Identical (monozygotic) twins have been found to have different CNVs ( copy number variations) which could explain why even identical twins are not truly identical in appearance or other physical characteristics despite similar environmental exposures. For example, one twin sometimes develops a disease while the other does not. What does this mean for Raymon and Richard Miller? DNA methylation patterns and copy number variations can be definitive in a paternity case if differences between the brothers are identified. Then, by comparing the same genomic regions in the child, it may be possible to see who the s/he more closely resembles genetically keeping in mind that the child is also accumulating his/her own DNA methylation and CNVs. While this type of genetic analysis isn’t currently available, it will most likely be available in the child’s lifetime. I would suggest that the Millers’ love child or his/her guardian store DNA from Raymon and Richard Miller for future analysis The only way to have perfectly identical DNA between two organisms is if one was a clone of the other. I think that maybe in a DNA test, it might look like the guy's twin is really the father of the kid, depending on how similar their DNA actually is (there might be only very slight differences). I don't think those tests would be 100% accurate though; because DNA is so small it's really hard to detect microscopic differences http://www.eyeondna.com/2008/02/20/genet... Twin DNA Foil Investigators Again by Dr. Hsien-Hsien Lei Posted March 21, 2009 in DNA and the Law Email this • Stumble It! • Digg This! • Discuss on Newsvine Two years ago, identical twin brothers Raymon and Richard Miller both had sex with the same woman who became pregnant. The court decided Raymon was the legal father although the DNA paternity test couldn’t provide definitive proof. In February, millions of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen in Berlin. Two of the suspects are identical (monozygotic) twins, Hassan and Abbas O. DNA analysis showed that one or both of them were probably at the scene of the crime but it’s impossible to tell. If only one of the brothers is guilty, investigators can’t tell for sure which one it is. In reality, identical twins do not have perfectly identical DNA due to epigenomic chemical modifications and DNA copy number variations(CNV). But until more sophisticated DNA analyses become more widely available or other evidence comes to light, Hassan and Abbas are free and have not been charged. Identical twins be forewarned. You may be able to get away with it now, but your time is coming. NB: In Malaysia, investigators were unable to figure out which one of a pair of identical twins trafficked 166 kilograms of cannabis and 1.7 kilograms of opium. 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ummmmm, okay then :-| ..well i think you should tell her whats happend. whats the worst that could happen? and then see what she says, if she doesent have a solution either, then stick with you and your brother both been the dad. and at least you know never to mess around with girls again. i wouldent be surprised if she slapped you.

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