Are these boots ok for rugby?

Are these boots ok for rugby? Topic: Case soft training
July 16, 2019 / By Gussie
Question: I've just started playing rugby and it's time to get some boots! Since I've just started I don't want to invest too much in them, but I will need them for training (on grass) and for games too. Would these be suitable? http://www.rugbystore.co.uk/collections/... Thank you :) My other option is http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mizuno-Junior-Ti... which do you think is better? Thank you!
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Diann Diann | 5 days ago
Both look fine. If you are going to be playing on soft wet pitches, the steel studs are a good idea. I always found it handy to have a set of short plastic ones too, just in case you get to the ground and its hard and dry.
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Careen Careen
both pair look pretty good. If it were me I'd def get the first pair... having extra studs come in handy quite often. Also Puma boots tend to break in faster than most others due to the way they are stitched. Either way you can't go wrong. :) good luck and have fun!!!
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