Email hacked by ex-wife, what can I do?

Email hacked by ex-wife, what can I do? Topic: Left handed person writing on paper
July 16, 2019 / By Guendolen
Question: I found out almost a year later that my ex-wife had hacked into my email acount somehow right around the time we seperated, or were about to. she copied down in hand writing several emails to friends and family explaining the situation I was being faced with, and the difficulty. Very personal thoughts and feelings. Not to mention, I had many folders in my email account at the time that had personal medical information I no longer wanted her to know about, personal legal advice and information pertaining to what was happening, personal emails from friends and family, and so on. This was on a shared household computer, that she took when we split. I know she can make the argument that I left my email up, which I never did for that reason (she must have somehow figured out my password), but how can I obtain the IP address and dates/times she potentially used my account, what she might have viewed, etc. besides what I already know about? What legal recourse do I really have against her if at this point all I have are a few peices of paper with her handwriting dictating the personal emails I wrote? Isn't it a felony? What could she potentially face, especially if there is a large settlement involved? What if she hacked into the account right before we split? She's basically tried to ruin my reputation and life with some of the thoughts and feelins I shared in those emails to family and friends. It's sad how pathetic a person you have to be to evern resort to such shady actions, but that is the woman I had to live with at the time.
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Diana Diana | 3 days ago
Sue her and file charges against her - also get a restraining order against her - if you can prove that she damaged your reputation and revealed personal information about you. Of course it's too late because some of the information has leaked but do this just to show her that her behavior is illegal. She probably purchased a software program prior to your separation and used it on your computer - unless she is a computer geek. In the future you can avoid this by learning how to safeguard your personal information and using email accounts that are not so hackable. If someone mentions anything she revealed to them - just tell them that it was meant to be confidential and personal and what she did was inexcusable and illegal - don't discuss your plans or explain anything to anyone.
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Diana Originally Answered: Can you get hacked via email?
If you were using the webmail interface then there was little if any danger. The fact that it looked like random letters indicates that it likely had an attachment. For whatever reason, it was apparently damaged. This could have been a failed email worm or just a screwed up attachment and you just marked your old friend as spam for some stupid reason. You might look into marking them as not being spam and sending an email back. Their computer might be infected. Can you get hacked by email? Yes. There is any number of ways for it to happen. I won't list them, but lets just say I know a few and ways to to learn others. Possibly the easiest would be to fake an email from a friend and send you a "cool program" as an attachment. If you view email as a web page inside outlook express or other mail program, then yes. The package is loaded from the web page links embedded in the email. If you view your email through a web page, it is less likely since the server is reading the page and you are viewing it indirectly. The webmail interface provides a thin layer of insulation. Are you worrying for nothing? Yes. I think you overreacted. Since you didn't know what it was, you essentially ran away from it in an electronic sort of way. Fear of the unknown is possibly the most common fear. Education will remove that fear or at least reduce it. Next time don't report your friend as spam. Take a look at the email and see what it is. A school computer? You are probably behind a NAT (network address translation) router/firewall that drops everything or nearly everything. Firefox is pretty good and immune to most attacks. AVG would most likely catch it if it was a worm or other malware. You'd have to be hit with a zero day attack or something nearly unknown in order for AVG or any other anti-virus to miss it. I think I covered just about everything. Next time maybe you won't run away unless there really is a problem. Shadow Wolf

Cara Cara
Dude, let it go. This woman is psycho. They won't do anything to her. HOpefully you changed your passwords. She had the computer in her posession, the only way you can really know what she accessed and when is by getting a professional to do a full hard drive and history scan, but chances are she's savvy enough to have deleted it. What exactly did she do with the things you wrote? Forward them to family and friends? It's not a felony. It can be used against her in the divorce, just talk to your attorney.
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Ami Ami
If you really want her to pay I would consult a number of lawyers and choose the one that you feel most confident will be able to sue her and make it stick. Make sure its a lawyer that's been in the system for awhile a cheaper new the system will be harder to get the judge to agree. Otherwise, just let the BS slide and move on with life. As my Math teacher used to say, "The revenge is to live well" Good luck
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Warren Warren
You sound like a match made in heaven, both of you scheming to hurt the other person. If you where married when this happened there is nothing you can do. I doubt that anything you described is a felony, just be glad that you are not with her and move on. Life is to short to hold a grudge.
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Ryan Ryan
i think you should consult legal council. they will better know the answers and what can and can not be done in your situation.
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Check Your Name and Password at this Official Yahoo log-in site to check your account>>>http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/edit/..... click Sign in at top and it will take you to the official sign-in site. Check to see if you can log into yahoo mail here >> http://mail.yahoo.com/ If you cannot sign into either site then most likely you have fallen victim to one of the password stealing scams. Learn about Password Scams and how to protect yourself from them at >> http://security.yahoo.com/password_scams... . If you think your password/account has been stolen then read the following link: Want to Recover a Password to a Lost or Stolen Account read this >>> http://www.bigblueball.com/forums/186568... . The first option is just to try to get a new password. But if your account was stolen and a zip code changed this will not work. Move on to the other steps, and try to get your account back from Yahoo. Though please note, you will need to know your original account information you use to create your account, such as your birthdate, Yahoo ID, secret question/answer or alternate e-mail address. There are password stealing programs out there used to crack accounts but they are actually rare. Make sure you have a strong password which is one that is at least 8 characters long and includes capital letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. Having a strong password will make it harder to crack . Most people fall victim to a scam, click a bad link, or sign into a fake Sign in page. Contact Yahoo! Customer Care: Yahoo! Customer Service 866-562-7219 408-349-3300 Yahoo Personal Email: 866-492-4664 Yahoo Small Business: 866-562-7219 8am - 5pm M-F (Pacific Time) [email protected]

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