What would you think of me now? Should I be embarrassed?

What would you think of me now? Should I be embarrassed? Topic: Essays about finding yourself again
July 16, 2019 / By Godiva
Question: So she's the new girl and I wanted to get along, but she had manipulated me. I really don't like her, but I was scared of her spreading nasty rumors about me. So I ended up doing some of her essay, typing it and the class found out and I'm scared they think I'm stupid generally. I know I won't ever do it again because I knew it was stupid and wrong, but what YOU think of me if you found out I typed half of someone's essay?
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Best Answers: What would you think of me now? Should I be embarrassed?

Devan Devan | 5 days ago
I don't consider it as such a big deal however I would look at you stupid for kissing someone's ***. You shouldn't fear man. you need to stop being a punk and let hee sat whatever she wants. You see, when you kiss someone's *** they will take full advantage of you and not only that but you'll still be laughed at. Why not be laughed at while not kissing someones ***. I prefer this than to kiss someone's *** and be laughed at. Stand you for yourself and stop worrying about how others view you. Ignore them fools and enjoy your youth. That little girl is no God. You can beat her
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Devan Originally Answered: I am so embarrassed. What do I tell my parents?
Tell them that it's perfectly normal for a guy to fantasize about girls. And since your around white girls all the time your attracted to them, and that Julianne Hough, hayden panettiere, and Faith Hill are your celebrity crushes. Pretty much everybody has them - mine are Jessica Alba, Taylor Lautner and BooBoo Stewart. You could also tell them it's important for both girls and guys to release their sexual urges/fantasies by masturbating. Then tell them that writing out YOUR fantasy was just your own personal way of letting your your sexual release. You could also tell them that girls humiliating you is like a fetish. And if they think it's a disgusting/bad fetish tell them that there are worst fetishes out there. Like food, pain, cosplay(etc) fetishes and all that(i know my sister is into bondage..). You could also tell them that people writ out their fantasies too. There are tons online. About themselves and cartoon/anime characters, celebs, etc. and then post it on the internet. But since it's the internet they can remain a nobody. Other than this i really don't know what you can do. I think it's best to confront them about it. Unless you want to be embarrassed enough to crawl under a rock every time you see them. Plus your a legal adult now. You can do almost whatever the hell you want.

Candi Candi
I wouldn't think low of you, The same thing happend to me in middle school. But you just have to move on, Forget about her, she was just a nasty rash. If the class thinks your stupid you have to prove to them you are not. Take up some activity in school you are good at and dedicate your self to it, people will start apreciating it and it will take your mind off things. No rumours can hurt you if your reputation is hardworking and you have some really caring friends.
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Amanda Amanda
Honestly I wouldn't care. I would get over it pretty quickly. You shouldn't be embarrassed. If anyone says anything just shake it off and go on living a normal life. It's really not that big of a disaster. Good luck :)
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Wallace Wallace
i would not think bad of you.. may just advice you yo not do it again or keep it to yourself and the other person to should keep it secret
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Wallace Originally Answered: First day back at school and I embarrassed myslef?
It really isn't a big deal. I think you have anxiety and paranoia. take a chill pill. kid. When you start getting homework, things like this will be the least of your problems.

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