What is the difference between slow pitch softball and fast pitch softball?

What is the difference between slow pitch softball and fast pitch softball? Topic: Philadelphia research center
July 16, 2019 / By Glenys
Question: Does anything differ with the ball size or weight? Is anything different within the rules? Thanks!
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Despina Despina | 2 days ago
Fastpitch softball Pitchers throw the ball underhanded at speeds up to 76 mph from 40 or 43 feet away. This is the equivalent to being equivalent to that of a 95 mph baseball pitch. The pitching style is completely different from that of that of slowpitch softball. Fastpitch pitchers throw the ball in what is called a "windmill" type of pitch. This style of pitching involves bringing the ball in a circular motion, starting at the hip and then bringing it up over the head and completing the circle back down at the hip. The release is crucial in fastpitch. The pitcher must snap his/her wrist upwards at the exact moment the ball is centered in the middle of his/her body. This release causes a spin motion on the ball, which thus contributes to a significant part of the speed. There are many different pitches that can be thrown with this style of pitching. Theres 2-seam fastball, 4-seam fastball, changup, riseball, dropball, curveball, offspeed, screwball, and more. These pitches can be taught in many different styles, depending upon the pitching coach's method and the players abilities. The basic appeal of being able to throw these pitches at such a high speed is that it speeds up the entire game and creates more action and intensity. The Fastball is also a crucial pitch and that is what most girls build off of. If you have a good fastball your changeup will be more effective. There are many types of changeups. Some of these are the circle change, the backhand change, and the plan ball change. There is also a lot of hitting, bunting and slap-bunting from the left side of the plate. It is a high speed game so there is stealing and always something going on. You can steal every base including home. Most Leagues have the "dropped third strike" rule that allows you to run to first if you strike out if the base isn't occupied or there are 2 outs. You can leave the base when the pitcher releases the ball. Softball is just like baseball, only the ball is bigger and the field is smaller. If you are younger you will play with an 11 in. ball but the older girls play with a 12 in. ball. There are many professional softball organizations around the world such as the Philadelphia Force and the Chinese National Teams. There are many rec. leagues and some you can check research softball in your area. It is a great sport for men and women and girls of all ages to get out learn a skill and enjoy the game of softball. Slowpitch Softball Slowpitch Softball is played between 2 teams on a large field, composed of a dirt or grass infield which contains the diamond and running areas, and a grass outfield. There are 4 bases on the infield (first base, second base, third base,and home plate); the bases are arranged in a square and are typically 45 to 65 feet apart. Near the center of this square is the pitcher's circle, and within the circle is the "rubber", a small flat rectangular area. The object of the game is to score more runs (points) than the other team by batting (hitting) a ball into play and running around the bases, touching each one in succession. The ball is a sphere of light material, covered with leather or synthetic. It is 10 to 12 inches (or rarely, 16 inches[9]) (28 to 30.5 centimeters) in circumference. The game is officiated by one or more neutral umpires. Players and umpires are generally free to ask for a brief stoppage at any time when the ball is not in play, or immediately following a play once its outcome is clear. The game is played in a series of innings, usually seven. Youth leagues sometimes have 6 innings. An inning is one series of both teams playing offense and defense. Each inning is divided into a top half and a bottom half indicating which team is playing which role. The offense bats and attempts to score runs, while the defense occupies the field and attempts to record outs in a variety of ways. After the defense records 3 outs, the half inning is over and the teams switch roles.
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It shouldn't be any harder of a tryout with the combined groups, because even though they are combined the evaluators are looking for different things and have different talent expectations of the two groups. The tryout will be shortened due to the time, but it should still be comprised of drills you've done before. It's still a softball tryout. I wouldn't worry unless you felt there was a specific drill you didnt do well in at your last tryout. In that case, I would focus on that drill (or drills) so that IF it comes up, you'll be more confident in your ability.

Cammie Cammie
I play fastpitch softball and my parents play slowpitch.. and i do not agree with what the other two answers have said... The difference is thati n factpitch you pitch fast and windmill. Slowpitch is arch pitching.. The ball is pitch up and comes down into the strikezone on a slant, or diagonal. They use 4 outfielders rather in 3 in fastptich and there is no stealing. the league my paretns played in there was a limit on how many foul balls you could hit as well.
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Amalea Amalea
Fast pitch the ball is smaller, you can steal in fast pitch. Nothin too big after that, if you step on home you get a run
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Wade Wade
Agreed with what he said, ball is slightly smaller and you can steal. And obviously, the pitches are faster, but you probaly already knew that.
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