Bmx headset problem with movement?

Bmx headset problem with movement? Topic: A research problem example
July 20, 2019 / By Glenna
Question: Hi, I have recently done up a Bmx and everything has been going fine till the headset. I realised this before I did the Bmx up but I thought i had solved the problem. the main problem is movement in the forks because for example if i go for ride on it i can feel jiggles in the upper part of the bike then i look closer and actually its the headset moving back and forwards a little and sometimes it gets worse. I have tried to solve this by tightening the stem and the headset but then all i can feel is alot of friction and the movement is very stiff and if i loosen a little movement is found again. i have researched how the headset is ment to be installed and if my calculations are correct i have done it right.
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Desirae Desirae | 1 day ago
Assuming that you have a threadless steerer (you forgot to mention this) and that otherwise everything else is correct there are a couple of possible reasons: 1) You have one or both bearings upside-down. This will cause the bearing cages (the metal things that hold the bearings) to ride on the races instead of the bearings causing binding; 2) The bearings may be the wrong size. If you installed your old bearings with a new headset this may be your problem; 3) The fork crown race is incorrect. This is common because the old ones are usually hard to remove and many suppose that the old one is "good enough". Take the old crown race off and install the new one. The crown race is the one mounted on the fork steerer- pressed on at the fork crown. Make sure that the bearings are well greased using the correct type of lubricant. The stuff that came on it is not sufficient.
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Camille Camille
Remove your compression cap (The piece on top of your stem) and loosen the rear pinch bolts of the stem. Make sure the top of the stem is at least 1/4" over the top of the steerer tube. If its not, either cut your steerer tube down or add some spacers. After that, put your stem on, and tighten the compression cap FIRST. Then, tighten the rear pinch bolts just a bit. Spin your bars around. If they don't spin, the cap is too tight. If they spin really fast, the cap is too loose. Your compression cap should be tight enough to keep the headset tight, but loose enough to be able to spin the bars. Adjust it until it is right. This should fix it. If it doesn't, take it to a bike shop and have it checked out.
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Amabel Amabel
Could be a dumb question but are you sure your tightening the right part Because it sounds like your tightening the headset which would push the stem closer to the frame and fork causing friction Tighten the headset but making sure to not over tighten it and make sure the stem is tight You could of just put it on without remembering to tighten it first Haha I've done that once
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Vortigern Vortigern
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