My iPhone screen flickers?

My iPhone screen flickers? Topic: High brightness wallpapers
July 22, 2019 / By Glenice
Question: I hate my iPhone but then again couldn't live without it. So yesterday I was just on it and the screen flickered really bad. And it's been doing that on and off now. And all the time the brightness just gets lower and then gets higher on its own. What do I do?
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Desdemona Desdemona | 10 days ago
Maybe your auto bright setting is on which will cause the brightness to change alot!! And sometimes flicker the screen to turn it off go to settings brightness and wallpaper and turn auto brightness off
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Desdemona Originally Answered: Will a new screen fix this iPhone 6?
Do you have Applecare+. Since you don't there are no real good options. A lot of places can replace the screen for you but these are third parties and having them do so voids whatever warranty you may have. Some Apple stores do screen replacements but usually ship it off. In any case you're going to be paying a good amount of money to do so. https://www.apple.com/support/iphone/rep...
Desdemona Originally Answered: Will a new screen fix this iPhone 6?
Ask Apple if there is a store near by. Usually they charge $109 (plus tax) to fix a broken iPhone 6 screen. If you can't get to an Apple store, you can mail your device in to Apple for a shipping fee of $6.95. If you purchased AppleCare+ ($99 for two years) for your device, you'll only have to pay $79 for a screen repair -- though AppleCare+ only covers two incidents of accidental damage. If you don't have Applecare+ you can choose a reliable supplier like hcqs.com.cn to buy a screen replacement and then do the repair by yourself or a repair man.
Desdemona Originally Answered: Will a new screen fix this iPhone 6?
You do not just need a new screen ,you need replace the whole front panel If your iPhone is under warranty ,you can send it to Apple store,or you should send it to a third repair store But you can buy the front panel online from hcqs.us ,this is the cheapest way for you thx

Camilla Camilla
I would name the save where u purchased it at they are going to furnish u a quantity to name.Considering the fact that u just bought the telephone it is on the other hand beneath warranty they are going to both fix it or substitute it..Pleasant luck..
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I want you to grab your keys and try to scratch the screen of your iphone......... Did you do it? Ok, now you know, the screen is made of this unstretchable plastic. In my opinion, the protectors look like poop. If you want to apply it you have to be sure you get every speck of dust off the iphone or you'll have tuns of bubbles. If you have any bubbles, take the cloth and rub the screen with it, it will rub them out. But keep in mind the sales rep made some commission off you because the screen protector is not necessary.
Camilla Originally Answered: Iphone 3g screen protector help?
Apple Iphone 3G Multi-Touch Screen Protector Shield W/ Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth (Not Compatible with 1st Generation iPhone) Other products by Young Micro List Price: $39.95 Price: $1.34 * Compatible with Apple iPhone 3G ONLY!! * Tough, durable, transparent writing surface * Impenetrable to scratches * Mild adhesive that leaves NO RESIDUE. Washable and Reusable * Comes with 1 screen protector shield and micro-fiber cloth

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