I really need help.it cant wait?

I really need help.it cant wait? Topic: Family dollar jobs applications
July 20, 2019 / By Ginger
Question: I need scholarships...school is out on may,21 and college begins a few months after, i have absolutley no money to give them, and have not been sucessful in my scholarship search. I need help. How do i get scholarships? what are some good scholarships? How will I pay for college?
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Denisa Denisa | 4 days ago
Definately start with Fasfa. Fasfa is a government funded programe to help students going to college pay for college...the awesome part is its FREE money! Please dont say your parents make too much because you never know.... you can apply for scholorships at FASTWEB.COM,just sign up for free and they offer a lot of scholorships from simple ones to more complex ones which invloves interviews. I used it last yeas and i got seven thousand dollars from only 1 application.Shocking right..belive me its worth your time. Another thing you can do is go to your school Career Resource Center or Senior Advisors and ask them to give you a list of Scholorships to apply for.] Depending on what youre planning to major on and what background youre from is what determines which scholorships are best for you...but FASFA like i said is the best choice. Once you got scholorships and your FASFA done...youre set for college if not that route then your only other choice is get a part time job but thats if youre family does not have money to help you out. I hope you get it...it was tough for me too and i understand.........Good Luck! Dont strees too much too,its youre senior year. Have fun!
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Callidora Callidora
do your fafsa then look up some scholarships with whatever the school that you are going to, look into your community and see if they are going to give out any scholarships, also just surf the net for some. goggle always helps.
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Alyse Alyse
start with the FAFSA at fafsa.edu fill that out. that will tell if you are eligible for the pell grant, many are. if not, it will tell you if you are eligible for stafford loans. Also, talk to the school where you are hoping to attend and ask their financial aid office for help. That is their job and they actually want to help. Good luck!
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Vic Vic
You can go to http://www.all-about-scholarship.com or http://e-how-2.info/2008/02/25/how-to-ge... it's about scholarhips information. Good luck
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