W~P~S Picks/Thoughts on Sat. 10/23 (Lexus Raven Run Stakes) (gr. 2)?

W~P~S Picks/Thoughts on Sat. 10/23 (Lexus Raven Run Stakes) (gr. 2)? Topic: 14 case systems
July 16, 2019 / By Gina
Question: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/v... Tough Good Betting Race! NO Past Performances available it seems. I will post if possible. :) 1. Platinum Exchange, by Exchange Rate, Kent J. Desormeaux, 117, Brian A. Lynch, 12/1 2. Katy Now, by Tiznow, Garrett K. Gomez, 117, Todd A. Pletcher, 6/1 3. Distorted Promise, by Distorted Humor, Junior Alvarado, 117, Eric R. Reed, 30/1 4. Negligee, by Northern Afleet, Miguel Mena, 117, John P. Terranova, II, 6/1 5. Tremendamente Loca, by Offlee Wild, Pablo Morales, 117, Timothy E. Hamm, 30/1 6. Hilda's Passion, by Canadian Frontier, Corey J. Lanerie, 117, Todd A. Pletcher, 8/1 7. Chantilly Nayla, by Five Star Day, Robby Albarado, 117, Wayne M. Catalano, 10/1 8. Red Hot Buddha, by Buddha, James Graham, 119, Thomas M. Amoss, 8/1 9. Beautician, by Dehere, Julien R. Leparoux, 117, Kenneth G. McPeek, 4/1 10. Decelerator, by Dehere, Shaun Bridgmohan, 117, D. Wayne Lukas, 15/1 11. Kitty in a Tizzy, by Tiznow, Chantal Sutherland, 117, H. James Bond, 8/1 12. My Irish Girl, by Closing Argument, Israel October 23, $250,000, three-year-olds, 7 f, Keeneland Race Course, post time: 5:23 PM ET Free PPs available @ http://www.ntra.com/schedule/race/displa... Thank YOU Jamie !! And bluejay35 Thank you too !! RESULTS- 9th Race Lexus Raven Run S. (G2) Off: 5:24 | 7 Furlongs | 3 Year Olds | Stakes | Purse: $250,000 # Horse Jockey Weight Win Place Show 6 Hilda's Passion Lanerie C J 117 14.40 8.40 6.80 10 Decelerator Bridgmohan S X 117 52.20 23.00 5 Tremendamente Loca Morales P 117 16.00 Finish Time: 1:21.38 Scratched: My Irish Girl Also ran: Kitty in a Tizzy, Chantilly Nayla, Much Rejoicing, Negligee, Speedy Spice, Red Hot Buddha, Distorted Promise, Beautician, Katy Now and Platinum Exchange Winning Trainer: Pletcher Todd A - Owner: Starlight Partners and Glasscock, C. E. $2 Exacta (6-10) Paid $820.20 $2 Trifecta (6-10-5) Paid $20,408.00 $2 Superfecta (6-10-5-11) Paid $121,940.20 $2 Pick 3 (5-9-6) 3 Correct Paid $14,568.20 Pick 3 Pool $48,386 $2 Daily Double (9-6) Paid $198.60 Daily Double Pool $47,080 I'll be using Point System to pick Best Answer here. For those who don't remember or don't know system- an this case, where choosing a Best Answer is tough, I'll be using a point system recommended by one of my contacts. Point system as follows: Points will be added according to the order of finish. For Example only, using A 10 horse field- The horse that wins gets 10 points 2nd plc will get 9 points. 3rd plc 8 points /and so on down. 7/6/5/4/3/2/1. Then I will add up each Answerer`s 3 picks.
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Deniece Deniece | 3 days ago
I don't like the two Pletcher horses. They'll be overbet and there are others in here that appear stronger. 1. Platinum Exchange - She's been in the money all 5 starts, but tried graded stakes company for the first time. She'll have to go from the 1 pole and will have pressure on the front end. Not sure she's up to the task. Pass. 2. Katy Now - She won her maiden at this track/distance and can sit off of the pace. The down side is that she's been beaten by over 15 lengths both times she's dipped her hoof into the graded stakes pool. Pass. 3. Distorted Promise - Tries Poly fr the first time and cuts back in distance. Distorted Humor is a 20%+ sire of Polytrack runners. This filly hasn't shown much after beating up on allowance horses in Indiana. Pass. 4. Negligee - Didn't make the progression from age 2 to 3. Cut back in distance and a race at Keeneland where she's 1 for 2 might help, but I doubt it. Pass. 5. Tremendamente Loca - Been beating up on allowence company over the Tapita at Presque isle Downs. This filly likes to win. She's taking a jump in company and could be a live longshot. Possible longshot.. 6. Hilda's Passion -Hilda has the right front running style and speed figures for this race. On the down side, Hilda will have company on the front end, hasn't put two wins back to back, and was beaten by over 15 lengths over this track back in April. She also recorded a huge speed figure last time out and could regress. Pass. 7. Chantilly Nayla - is 2-1-1 over this course and is G-2 stakes placed at Keeneland. I also have to respect her connections, who don't ship just for the fun of it. She was a head behind Kitty in a Tizzy last time out. Contender. 8. Red Hot Buddha - Barn is 27% with first time blinkers, but she's been off of the board against similar in her last two tries. Pass. 9 Beautician - She's 0-2 at Keeneland and has won twice in 14 starts. She's been the beaten favorite more times than I'd care to remember but prefers to finish second. She'll likely be overbet here too. Pass. 10 Decelerator - Decelerator was unplaced in her only attempt over Poly. She was trounced by Hilda's Passion by over 10 lengths in her last. Send her back to Oaklawn. Pass. 11 Kitty in a Tizzy - proved she belonged with Graded Stakes runners when she was second to the very good Biofuel last time out. She cuts back in distance and can sit pretty much anywhere during the race and can improve second off of a layoff. Contender. 12 My Irish Girl - Has an impressive 7 for 8 record and won by closing over the speed favoring Monmouth main track. She's been beating up on lesser, but deserves a shot here. Contender. 13 Much Rejoicing - Is 1-1 over this course and distance. She recorded her highest speed figure in that race too. She also fired a last work bullet. The down side is having to go from the far outside post. Possible longshot. 14 - Speedy Spice - Like Tremendamente Loca she's been beating up on allowence company over the Tapita at Presque isle Downs and beat this rival by 1 1/2 lengths. She'll also have to go from the outside and her speed figures aren't that strong. Pass. Selections: Kitty in a Tizzy My Irish Girl Chantilly Nayla Tremendamente Loca, Much Rejoicing - Longshots
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W- #11 Kitty in a Tizzy- Female Jockey Chantal Sutherland P - #12 My Irish Girl..nice beyer 104 S - #2 Katy Now- like Gomez/Pletcher others, unrelated to above wps picks: #4 Negligee #7 Chantilly nayla #9 Beautician #8 Red Hot Budda #6 HIlda's Passion Will be using a lot of these horses in exotics.
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Alysa Alysa
Hey Sandra! The PP`s are at DRF Race of the Day. Win- Chantilly Nayla Plc- Katy Now Shw- Negligee
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Vester Vester
Free PPs available @ http://ntra.com/schedule/race/display/NDM3 You're right . . . tough one to handicap, but there's some money to be made in this race!! If we hit it!! Good luck to all!!
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