Best places to sell your art?

Best places to sell your art? Topic: Showcase shopping
July 22, 2019 / By Gilda
Question: I am not going to use etsy, because as I was signing up they asked way too many questions on personal stuff; ssn, license, etc. I know it's a real shop and all but I don't trust them considering the ratings are not all 5 stars, it's only 3.5 I have to be strict about this, I don't want be ripped off or have my identity stolen or anything bad. Maybe the site isn't that bad, but I'm not gonna take the risk. Any place that doesn't ask for anything but your paypal info? Fiverr is too cheap, my art is worth more than 5 bucks and people on there expect me to give them full copyright of it. -___- I know it's almost impossible to make a living off of art, but currently I've got no hope to get any other kind of job so I'm stuck with this. Deviantart is hopeless at selling art too, people only wanna look at stuff on there or simply copy your image onto their desktop rather than purchasing a print. Also, I've tried cafepress and zazzle but I want to find a place that doesn't end up taking most of what I sell and leaving me with 2 fricken bucks. @Nick- Lol k.
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Deni Deni | 1 day ago
You art will sell depending on how many people like it. I can give you some advice on selling artworks on deviantart. First showcase it on applicable groups, that's advertising; more people will see your merchandise. Then, offer commissions at your journal, and/or at your artist's comments at your artworks. If you want to be paid at paypal, why not host your website and let them pay you there? You can make free websites out there, but it's better if you have your own built from scratch.Tell at your journal that people can pay at your website. They'll think you're a big-time artist. (If you know any other place where people can pay you at paypal, then there you go.) It's just advertising, open a lot of accounts at art hosting websites and advertise there. Hope that helped.
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I sell mine on Deviantart.com They by a "print" where they are not allowed to download. (wont give option) They buy it and they can have it. http://www.deviantart.com/
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