What does an artist look like?

What does an artist look like? Topic: Homework business idea
July 20, 2019 / By Ghislaine
Question: It's my homework assignment and I can't tell if it's a trick question or something.. Any ideas as to what I can draw?
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Dena Dena | 10 days ago
An artist looks like you and me. I think what the assignment is trying to accomplish is for you to show an example of what YOU think an artist should look like. Using what you know about art and the people who create art, the stereotypical image of a painter or sculptor. If you were going to meet a famous artist and you have no idea what they look like, how would you imagine them to look. What would they be wearing, their hair, their clothes, what do YOU think they would look like? Do you think they'd be dressed in an expensive suit and tie with fashionable hairstyle? I don't, that sounds more like a banker or business man to me. Would they wear sneakers and a sweat suit. No, that sounds like an athlete. What would an artist look like? Use your imagination and come up with an image. If you have no clue you can always draw a self portrait since you are also an artist.
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Dena Originally Answered: How do I become a concept artist?
Do you mean concept artist like Annie Sprinkle or concept artist like Sid Mead? Bohemian concept artist: Avoid college altogether. Haunt the art scenes of the world (NY, LA, London, etc.). Live in the seedy underbellies of the major cities of said art scene, without paying rent or having a fixed address if possible. Nag gallery owners you have gotten to know (have worked for for free) until they give you a show. Be seen with successful art types, hopefully in undesirable places doing undesirable things. Keep true to your vision even if you are not popular. Patronize all artists and musicians that you meet- so there are at least some bodies at your shows when the reviewers show up. Foster the use of adjectives such as "inflammatory", "vulgar", "degenerate", "offensive" in regards to your work. Avoid personal relationships and personal property. Avoiding heroin is a plus if you can swing it. Keep doing shows at all costs. Die, and make somebody rich from the corpse of your efforts. As a concept artist, it is imperative that the hype surrounding your work or performance recieve more effort and attention than the substance of your shows. You are an instigator, inciter and circus ring leader- not a painter or an actor. Your joy is in the attention and promotion, more than in the finished piece. Nerdy concept artist: DO NOT leave your room- ever! Think about form following function and strive to divorce preconception from the end result. No, I mean REALLY think about form follows function- people should run away from you when they look you in the eye. Form following function is step one- mentally follow the evolution of your design through several steps into the future- what your original design will become. Go beyond that even further. Do that again. Divorce more preconceptions- erase what has been done before from your ethos. Do Not Leave Your Room! DRAW. DRAW. DRAW!!! Fill landfills with your discarded sketches. Single handedly deforest the globe, or use up the last remaining electron on sketches that you have thrown away. Next approach industrial executives until you find one brave enough to have vision. Get filthy rich. Design goofy spaceships for the backgrounds of poorly written scifi films. Then think about what you would like to do with your life (sell your own line of salad dressing, open a restaurant, start a film festival in a toursit trap, etc.). Good luck!

Calanthia Calanthia
Anybody! That's a strange question.. an artist can be anyone. They can be classy or grungy, goth or preppy, rich or poor, messy or neat, you really can't pick out an artist from a crowd, unless they're the stereotypical kind with paint splatters all over them. Some artists tend to dress more interestingly (is that a word?) but others dress just like the average joe. There's no one attribute that every artist has that could help you spot one.
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Alyce Alyce
Jessie J looks like a cross between Lilly Allen and Katy Perry. She's so fake. her song Price Tag has the same sorta sound in the chorus to ***** Perfect by Pink. Seriously, as if nobody noticed!
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Vern Vern
We all have long, pointy mustaches, wear berets and long sleeved striped shirts and black denim pants with frayed knees. Sanandals or barefoot, depending on the weather. Female artists, of course, have to wear a false mustache, unless she is Italian or Greek.
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Ronny Ronny
-A lot like Johnny Depp- actually ! :) So Google an Image of Him, & you should be good to go... :)
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Pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, a nice set of cartooning pens, India ink, sketchbooks, new types of paper for experimenting, maybe a book of anatomy/cartooning (you can never have too many reference books. Every artist who draws people ( cartoon, anime or realistic) should have a good anatomy book. I wish I had one!). Perhaps give her charcoals, pastels or colored pencils so that she can experiment a bit. Hope this helps!

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