Why are there so many articles about why men cheat?

Why are there so many articles about why men cheat? Topic: Article analysis
July 22, 2019 / By Gertrude
Question: It's really quite simple. Men are very uncomplicated. They boast about it, in fact! They cheat because they are mentally weak. There's very little depth there. What's all the analysis about? I'm confused. Anyway, what do you think? @BOSS, take those VAST majority of men with brains and brawn (the VAST majority of whom are in committed relationships, if not married) and put them in the presence of an extremely attractive and willing woman, and the VAST majority of them would cave. Don't mistake "weakness" for "deficiency". What I'm talking about has nothing to do with ability to maintain in an intense situation or whatever else they test for in the military. Men are weak. Men are known to cheat; they cheat because they are weak. It's as simple as that. And yes, they most certainly do "boast". Women are enigmas. Many men would agree. They counter all that mystery by explaining their basic nature. Beer, sex, tv, video games. High fives from every man in the room. @Zac Anger My question "is incredibly poorly phrased"? Ya know, for some reason, your opinion doesn't mean much to me.
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Demetria Demetria | 8 days ago
Actually I see quite a few on why women cheat. I think they just want to try to drive the point that it's ok for women to cheat, because, according to the articles, women cheat because their current bf or husband isn't giving them the love, attention, emotional support, etc., that they think they need and so they find another man that can give her those things. Basically these articles excuse women who cheat, because it's her bf or husband's fault for not giving her the love, attention, and support she wants. If they would have been better bfs or husbands and given her what she needed, than she wouldn't have been driven into the arms of another man. When talking about why men cheat, these articles basically just say that men just cheat for their own selfish reasons, mainly just to have sex with another woman, and therefor men who cheat are just scum.
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Demetria Originally Answered: Is it true that women cheat or tend to cheat while ovulating?
My guess is that you're reading the article wrong. It's not that women who ovulate are likely to go out and cheat; it's that IF a woman is already inclined to cheat, she's more likely to do it while ovulating. That's because the basic sex drive is (on a purely biological level) about creating babies. Even if the woman doesn't want a baby, she'll be more interested in sex when she's at her peak fertility. Whether she has that sex with her own husband or with someone else is entirely dependent on what kind of person she is. Ovulation doesn't change her basic trustworthiness.

Calantha Calantha
Wow You must be a genius. What's your IQ? I feel compelled to add that the VAST majority of those who work in military services are men. A prerequisite for passing selection is mental strength alongside physical. And no, you are wrong - men do not boast about being "simple" - they just let women like you think they are simple in order to placate their superiority complexes.
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Alvena Alvena
You're logic fails. Where's your proof that men are mentally weak? It's a hateful stereotype spread to put men down. Women can have their ego destroyed just as easily. It depends on the person. There's so many articles on why men cheat because of bitter women who had bad experiences and trying to get women to stay away from men.
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Vere Vere
Well, obviously, I think your question is incredibly poorly phrased, and sexist. The reason there are more articles about infidelity among men is simple; statically speaking, women read magazines and online articles more than men. These things sell magazines, so they keep writing them.
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Vere Originally Answered: Should I cheat on my gf?
there is nothing wrong with staying loyal to someone for 60 years. however i can gather that you are not all that happy in your current relationship, so maybe as to going out and cheating you side down with your wife and talk about moving your relationship status over to a open relationship. one in which the both of you could see other people but never bring them home, always use protection, don't give out funds to, and don't really tell the other (in this case your girlfriend) anything at all about the people you see on the side. she might be up for that. hope this helps

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