Buying puppy and a kitten? best breed to get? male female? cost?

Buying puppy and a kitten? best breed to get? male female? cost? Topic: Buy homework
July 22, 2019 / By Geraldine
Question: if i were to buy them 6 months or so apart. or within a couple of weeks of each other would this be ok? i'm deciding between: dog: beagle miniature doxie. cats: tonkinese, turkish van turkish tangora ragdoll what prices am i looking at just to buy the animals? which would be better to buy first? male or female? which breed would be best? how would they act around newborns and toddlers and kittens and puppies and once they've grown up? anything else i might need to know (apart from ongoing costs of vet, food etc.) THANK YOU!!! ♥
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Delphina Delphina | 5 days ago
WOW..that is a lot of questions. Sounds like you need to do some more homework on your own before you do anything. I have a mini doxie and she gets along with all the other dogs and the cat. Prices vary across the country and for the breed and for the quality of the breed. Mini doxie, pure blood from a good breeder ( NEVER buy a dog or cat from a pet store) will be $350 and up. I have never bought a full breed cat..there are too many wonderful kittens at the humane society who need rescuing. Females are usually more affectionate. Get the kitten first so it will have some size and weight before you bring a puppy in. But really, you need to do more research on your own. You should already know the prices of the breeds in your part of the country.
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Delphina Originally Answered: First kitten/cat help(Breed, cost, essentials)?
That picture is a siamese. Congratulations on getting a new cat!! The initial cost is the adoption or purchase of the cat. Shelters do have siamese mixes which look very similar to the one in the picture. They occasionally have adult purebreds as well. Cost can be from $75 for a shelter kitten to $800 for a show cat. A shelter kitten will already be spayed or neutered and have at least the first distemper shot. He will need two more and a rabies shot at the minimum. The shelter cats are also tested for FIV/FeLV which is really important if you ever intend to have another cat as these diseases are deadly and contagious. If you purchase a purebred cat you will have to pay the expense of the cat and spay or neuter which could be up to $300 for a spay. Each vet visit costs about $65. This usually includes one shot and fecal analysis plus dewormer. You will need to go 3 times in the first year. After that, once a year. Also you need to have some money saved up for emergencies or illnesses that sometimes occur. I prefer to feed high quality foods. There is a lot of bad stuff in the supermarket foods. Byproducts come from diseased animals and sometimes euthanized animals and unedible animal parts. It really is disgusting. A cheaper alternative is Taste of the Wild which is a natural and excellent cheap food. Other low cost high end foods are the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, Felidae, and Newman's Own. I purchase about 5 pounds a month for each cat. That is $10 for one cat per month. Litter I use swheat scoop because I've tried every kind and none of them work. I use two boxes a month and the cost of that is $20 per month. You could use cheaper litter though and spend $5 a month but you might have to deal with a smell. You will also need a carrier for vet trips $20. Food and water dishes $10 Litter box (booda dome is great) $20 or less Toys (only balls no string for kittens) $10 Scratching post (currogated cardboard cats love them) $10 Litter locker (optional but a good investment it locks away odor) $30 So from a shelter, the kitten will have an initial expense of approximately $300. This includes the first few vet visits. Than a monthly fee of $20 for high quality food and litter. A purebred would have a higher initial cost. Let's say you pay $400 for a purebred plus spaying $300 and then the accessories and vet visits another $250. That would be a first year expense of $950 plus a monthly fee of $20 for high quality food an litter.
Delphina Originally Answered: First kitten/cat help(Breed, cost, essentials)?
WAIT before you get one. DO your research, and take your time about it. SEE about helping at the pound/local shelter so you can familiarise yourself with it's care requirements BUDGET for all the costs including vet care. THEN only get the cat. Be sensible. Do it right.

Caileigh Caileigh
not really sure what breed of dog you should get, but I love ragdolls my mother in law has one he is such a big baby very friendly and laid back! prices depend on if you go to a rescue or a breeder my m-i-l's cat was $250 on a neuture contract. one thing though about the breeds of dogs they might chase the cat since they are both hunting breeds
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Caileigh Originally Answered: What Breed Is My Kitten???
She is absolutely beautiful! A very nice photo. You should think about putting her in the shows, I'll bet she would do well. She is a DLH (domestic Long Hair) cat, she is not of any particular breed unless you have registration papers for her. Doesn't make her any less credible, just means she doesn't have a paper to prove parentage. Her color is a diluted color of Patched Tabby or also called a Torbie. So she is a blue/cream (diluted) Patched Tabby or also known as a Blue Cream Torbie. She is very pretty. What's her name? Here is a link to get you started in shows if choose: http://www.cfa.org/exhibitors/index.html CFA http://tica.org/public/showing.php TICA http://www.unitedfelineorganization.net/... UFO And a link describing Domestic cat colors: http://cats.about.com/od/felinegenetics/a/colorpatterns.htm
Caileigh Originally Answered: What Breed Is My Kitten???
She is very adorable, but she is not a specific breed, but a background of many different cats in her parentage. She fits in with being considered a dilute tortie, relating to the cream coloration. But in reality, she is a DLH, meaning domestic long haired cat.

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