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Best colleges for writers? Topic: essays for college students
July 22, 2019 / By Georgie
Question: I am a high school freshman and I want to be a writer. I was wondering what the best colleges/universities for that career choice. If so, what are some tips on increasing my chances into getting accepted?
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Delores Delores | 2 days ago
Hamilton College It's ranked as the 2nd best college in the nation for writers by USA Today. There's an open curriculum so you can study anything you want, but a great number of courses are "writing intensive." One of the college's founding purposes is stated in its mission to teach "students to write effectively,learn from each other, and think for themselves." How to get in: SAT: 2150 + ACT: 31 + Extracurricular Activities: Must have leadership positions. Ex: Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper Community Service: Yes, please! Jobs/Work Experience: Optional, but nice to have. Also, makes for great essay topic GPA: 3.75+ AP Courses: If available, yes. If not, highest level class should be taken. Passion: You have to love something, anything at all. You have to want to do something to better society. DISCLAIMER: You should not be worrying about college as a freshman. Live a little bit and have some fun. College admissions are stressful and thinking about it constantly may overtake your life. Leave that stress for junior and senior year. Best of luck!
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If you don't put it down & they find out, which they invariably do, it would be grounds for expulsion. Is that something you want to risk? What I would do is put it down, but put "unaccredited" after it which means they will not likely count it. Also, in explaining what happened there focus on your failure & how much better you're doing rather than on the school's failures.
Delores Originally Answered: I'm applying to some colleges, how important is it that I list all the previously attended colleges and info?
they are going to locate out. it is extra constructive to enable them to be responsive to, yet you could not circulate your credit to the hot college it is quite like beginning from scratch. it must be on your benefit to tell them the historical past and how you choose a sparkling commence, plus as a "non-classic" student you have a extra constructive oppertunity at provides and loans. :-) stable luck!

Cady Cady
If you're talking about creative writing, undergrad doesn't matter a lot. The time to consider a school's reputation is when you apply to an MFA program after your bachelors degree. That said, if you're *100% certain* you want to write for a career, you'd probably want a school that at least offers a serious creative or technical (or whatever) writing major, rather than an English major with a writing class or two. Obviously keeping your high school GPA up will help substantially. You'll also need a solid writing portfolio - start working on that now, and get some teachers/other mentors to help you develop it fully.
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Cady Originally Answered: Do I look good to colleges? Which colleges would accept me now?
First - you're NOT EVEN halfway through highschool, so it's impossible to judge you now as a candidate. But the reality is that, while this sort of question gets asked 40 or 50 times a day (at least), any inquires relative to getting accepted into ANY institute of higher learning can be answered by referring to any college's/university's website and referencing their minimum admission requirements. Otherwise, before getting too enamored with subjects like Creative Writing or Literature - consider the fact that there are few if any employment opportunties for people with degrees in those majors. In additon, you might want to look into the fact that tuition costs for out-of-state students is roughly 4-times that compared to if you choose to go to college in your home state.
Cady Originally Answered: Do I look good to colleges? Which colleges would accept me now?
You are a strong applicant. The key is to keep your grades up, and keep going with the activities. You are showing that you can handle the academics, and you are showing your interests. Tufts is a fine school, but it does not focus on creative areas to the same level as a school like Sarah Lawrence. In the next years, you can figure out whether you prefer a school the includes creative arts or whether you want a school that focuses on the creative arts.

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