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July 22, 2019 / By Georgiana
Question: Okaay this is like and essay and im sorry lol. Wen i was about 8 or 9 i started getting panic attacks.. Then i started seeing a women that helped me. They discharged me after a couple of sessions saying i wernt bad enough to keep going, I was okaay for a long while after that and now im 14, and they are returning, im not sure what to do. I have a really bad fear of sick and when i panic i feel sick. do i need to see someone again? Any suggestions? Thank you x
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Delora Delora | 1 day ago
Panic attacks are not normal. Even if they aren't the worst ones around; if they are still interfering with your life, they are obviously a major problem for you. And if they're a problem, you need to get them taken care of. I would definitely see someone again; this time, try seeing a therapist and a doctor. My mother has suffered with panic attacks for years... and she just recently got help. Psychotherapy is usually a very good solution for those with panic attacks. It gives them a chance to confide in someone. Medication may be a solution for you as well if your panic attacks continue. Research has found that antidepressants are often a reliable means of helping panic attacks, such as Zoloft and Paxil. The only concern with using antidepressants is the fact that you are a minor... and this type of medication can sometimes do more harm than good in users under 18. The only way to know for sure is to talk to your doctor. Xanax (an anxiety order medication) is also a possible good choice. Get help soon. You deserve not to live with this condition; and you deserve to enjoy life to the absolute fullest. Good luck, and God bless.
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Delora Originally Answered: How to have my BF help me with my panic attacks?
Yes, definitely go see a doctor so they can evaluate your level of anxiety and possibly put you on a medication that would lessen the severity and occurrence of them. Also my boyfriend suffers from them as well and he loves it when I softly sing him songs that are very calming and soothing, romantic songs, country songs ect...

Cadence Cadence
It is often helpful to see someone you can talk to about your problem(s). It can't hurt, if you don't like their advice/style, just don't go back. It sounds like seeing a therapist was helpful to you in the past, even just going for a few sessions. Why don't you try talking to someone again. They might help you work your way past the panic just by talking to determine what kinds of thoughts and events trigger your panic attacks. If it is more severe, a psychiatrist can prescribe a number of different meds from relaxants to anti-depressants that can help severe panic.
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Allycia Allycia
Panic attacks are awful. I would suggest going back to your doc and telling them things are worse again and see if they can refer you again or put you on some medication to help. Worst that can happen is they say no and you or your parents have to fight to get a referral.
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Uzzia Uzzia
Maybe a relationship will help. If you already are in one I say that you should start watching less TV and read more books to distract yourself.
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Uzzia Originally Answered: Help! Panic attacks?
She was terrified. Why on earth would you take her to movies like this? She is just a kid! It's not good for any kid to be watching violent slasher horror flicks or graphic ones with possession, etc. You're 27...think about it! The fact that your mother would allow a 6 year old to watch a frightening video is so irresponsible and beyond me. The fall wasn't what harmed your sister the most....she is AFRAID of horror films and scary things and you and your family don't seem to care until she gets into a fetal position. The Last Exorcism is not for kids. I was a huge horror movie buff as a kid and adult...the old horror, not the slasher porn and possession. However, my parents would NEVER have taken me to the Omen or the Exorcist or any of the other scary films of that time. Why? Because it's not for kids and it does leave an impression on them. Previews now are just as bad as the films because they show so much more than they used to. They're like mini-movies in themselves. You cannot die from hyperventilating or having a panic attack. I've been diagnosed with panic/anxiety disorder and dealing with that for over 15 yrs. It's one of the first thing a doctor tells you when you talk about the latest attack you've had. So, don't worry about that. A therapist might be helpful for her to talk to about this. These aren't simple, normal scares for her or most kids at that age. Some kids show their fear through not talking, keeping it all inside and having nightmares. There are tons of ways kids handle fear. It's clear that she does not like horror movies and it's too much for her to handle. Again....she is a child. Go to therapy. She needs to not be exposed to horror or psychological thrillers. She also needs to learn how to remove herself from the situation...not to run, hide, or anything like that. She can turn the channel, leave the room....something. The therapist will be able to help more with this.

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