Do you know why over 1000 protestant and evangelical pastors have converted to Catholicism in recent years?

Do you know why over 1000 protestant and evangelical pastors have converted to Catholicism in recent years? Topic: How to write a simple game in c++
July 20, 2019 / By Georgette
Question: and that still continues with 2 or 3 every week. (go to http://www.chnetwork.org/) Pick an answer: A- lack of doctrinal union among 33000 protestant denominations, meaning that they were not sure of whether they were preaching the whole truth B- they read the writings of the first christians (Church Fathers, which are well respected by protestants) and found that what they believe today is not what the first Christians believed, but what the Catholic Church believes C- They found that, per the Bible, the best form of worship (as practised by the first Christians) should not be a sermon for people but a true sacrifice to God D- They've found that Christ is really present in the Eucharist E- They've found that they had been deceived about what the Catholic Church believes and teaches F- All of the above How thue is what a friend told me: " the bad catholics convert to protestantism (and that is good for them) and the good protestants concert to catholicism" Here are a couple of websites including the link which for unknown reasons does not work above www.chnetwork.org http://www.catholic-pages.com/dir/converts.asp you can watch one pastor convert every monday 8 pm EST in The Journey Home program on EWTN, hosted by Marcus Grodi, himself a converted pastor Amen, Partor Billy
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Dellma Dellma | 9 days ago
Pastor Billy says: excellent information now why didn't i think of this one. btw you haven't posted a question as all your points are true and I know you believe they all play a factor in the conversions of educationed, spiritual Protestant teachers, leaders and preachers. "Can I get an,... Amen?" addition: had to laugh out loud at stingers comments, little does he know Foxe's book of martyrs for the the first half of that books contains only....Roman Catholic saints which Catholics still venerate unlike Protestants who have left Christian saints in the dust. This book was written as propaganda during the the height of Catholic presecution at the hands of English Protestants it isn't really a good case to use against Catholicism as it is tainted. Stinger buddy remove thy cowboy hat and scratch that bald head of yours. The Edwards of Christianity who've answered your question with the typical canned answers are getting pretty tiresome. The false dichotomies they set up pitting the Church against God or the Church against the bible really are shameful, juvenile and made for the simple-minded. The Church whatever you claim that to be Catholic or not is the body of Christ without the Church there would be no "great commission", no written bible, no instruction to "be saved". It is a fallacy that cheap cornerstore preachers present in crying out you don't need the Body of Christ to discover Christ. Get your heads out of your ----- ( used the dashes as yahoo won't allow that word :D ) Protestantism as a whole is on the decline in the world and in American in general. The oldtime mission field of Catholicism is drying up for ya'll. Since the early 90's Catholic Evangelism has come alive again and fundemental Protestantism is extremely fearful hence the return by them to century old canned propaganda, bigotted responses and misformation by our Catholic opponents. . Really now you Protestant apologists must raise your game a bit that is why you're losing so many of your best educated, intelligent and honest pastors, preachers and clergy to Catholicism, they've taken the leap of faith by accepting God's fullness in the Catholic Church sometimes at the expence of careers and family relationships.
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Dellma Originally Answered: Christians? why is obligatory the tithes in the protestant or evangelical churches?
The biblical tithe as commanded in the old covenant law was a tenth of the increase of produce and/or livestock. No one was ever commanded to tithe on their wages. Twisting Scripture is defined as altering Scripture or its application. Teaching Christians to tithe does both: 1) Tithing was an old covenant point of law. In Acts 15, it is stated that to teach old covenant law to non-Jewish Christians resulted in the subversion of the souls of Christians. It may well be unclear to many Christians how their souls are subverted by believing they have to tithe. To put it simply, it is a matter of believing a lie, and believing God requires something of them that God does not. It is written that the truth will set you free. The opposite is also true; lies enslave. New Covenant theology is about the spirit of the law, sans the letter (Rom. 7:6) and walking in faith. The apostle Paul wrote that the law is not of faith, and to believe you have to tithe causes Christians to take their focus off of walking by faith and placing it back on points of law and compliance with law. Faith is subverted. The narrow path of life is widened into a path of destruction. Teaching Christians to tithe is an alteration of the application of the tithing law. It takes what applied only to the Israelites who were a party to the old covenant, and attempts to apply it to Christians who are not a party to the old covenant. 2) Teaching Christians to tithe on their wages is an alteration of Scripture, seeing as the tithe was based on the increase of produce and livestock, and never wages. This too is twisting of Scripture. What motivates someone to alter Scripture and/or its application? There are two main reasons: 1) They do not believe what Scripture states. They believe Scripture is either flawed through a bad translation, or that it does not provide all the evidence on a particular subject, and that other passages of Scripture will “clear it up.” 2) They are wolves in sheep's clothing who have no fear of God and His Inspired Word, where they alter Scripture and its application in order for Scripture to benefit them. A wolf seeks to feed his own belly at the expense of the flock. Does altering the tithing law and its application accomplish this for the wolf? .

Burgundy Burgundy
I am going to say A even though I don't think any of those answers were actually the one I would say. I was a Catholic for over half my life. The Catholic church is no better than any other Christian religion. So that leaves out B. If you picked D then you would be saying that Catholics are cannibals. C is not a good answer because what are Catholic priest really sacrificing? They can't say sex because I know a few nuns that have had sex with the Fathers. I also know that some priests are having sex with the kids in the churches. They aren't sacrificing by not getting married. First off, how can you marriage counsel someone when you haven't ever been married yourself. And who said that not being married is a sacrifice in the first place. I have been married before and the only thing good that came from that was my daughter. Hugs
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Allissa Allissa
I'll stick to denominations that practice the true teachings of the Bible, and don't twist them around to fit their own beliefs. For every Protestant that converts to Catholicism, I can find a Catholic who's converted to Protestantism. I'll trust the Bible over a Catholic priest any day.
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Uziah Uziah
F. there is a lot to say for the catholics, ministry in the protestant church is nothing but a bunch of competition for popularity and status and money and results.
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Rohan Rohan
It is God who does the saving not any church. It would be arrogant to think that God needs any man or churches permission to save who he wishes. The mistake that is made is some people are violating the first commandment where we are told to Love the Lord our God with all our heart and mind and soul. In effect put God first. This means above our church or priest or any minister or person. If you think that trusting in the church is what saves you then you are negating that trusting in the Lord is what saves you. This was the message of both the old and new testament. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved. It doesn't say join a particular church or give allegiance to the pope. It says trust in the Lord. In the new testament the disciples once approached Jesus and said Master we saw some people casting our spirits in your name but we forbid then because they traveled not with us. Jesus then told them forbid them not because no one can do these works in my name and easily speak evil of me. What is interesting is that the disciples wanted to keep Jesus exclusively but the truth is no one can own God and they should be more concerned with people being helped then trying to monopolize Jesus.
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Milburn Milburn
Sorry your website does not exist. I am unable to answer your question without proof. I would need to see some data on your claim. I hope those who do, are saved. I have no doubt that many catholics will be in heaven as will be many protestants. However, no one who is not born again will be there. Blessings.
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Justice Justice
g- its an easy out for sin... explanation: there is no salvation in the roman catholic church, however roman catholicism encourages sin and offers easy ways to appease your conscience.. or maybe h- fear of being murdered explanation: maybe they were scared the roman catholic church would kill them if they didn't leave.. the roman catholic church has been doing this since its inception- see foxe's book of martyrs, or- understanding roman catholicism by rick jones
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Harry Harry
F. all of the above. This is truly heartening to hear if it is really true. Praise the Lord!! And I am an Episcopalian.
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Harry Originally Answered: Differences in beliefs: Christianity, Catholicism, Calvinism, Mormon, Orthodox, Protestant and Jenovahs Witness?
The first Christian Church established by Jesus was a combination of Catholic and Orthodox. It was one church until 1054. Even to this day, those 2 branches are almost alike and are both considered to be apostolic. 500 years later, right when the printing press had been invented and Europe was entering the era of the Renaissance, a disgruntled monk rebelled against the Catholic branch. He and his supporters made use of the printing press and got peasants stirred up. As Shroud said, Luther thought that each individual no matter what his education level could read and interpret the Bible the way that God meant it to be interpreted. That resulted in an almost instant splintering of the Protestant branch. Luther started the Lutheran Church, which is very similar to Catholic in many ways. He kept the liturgical church service (mass), the reverence of Mary and saints, etc. His focus was Bible only, Faith only, and Grace only. His parents had been very harsh and unloving. He could never be good enough for them. He projected his parents disapproval onto God and felt he could never be good enough for God. After reading Paul's letters, he realized that God doesn't expect perfection but grants him grace. He then projected his disapproving parents on to the church. John Calvin disagreed with Luther and started the Presbyterian Church and developed a theology which can be summarized using the Acronym TULIP. It basically says that humans are totally depraved. He emphasizes God's sovereignty and says God predestined absolutely everything right down to who will go to Heaven and who will go to Hell. In making God more powerful, he pretty much eliminated free will. Calvinists believe in Preservation of the saints (once saved always saved), irresistible grace (those elected can't help but get saved), and limited atonement (those not elected cannot do anything to get saved. In many ways, Calvinism is the opposite of Luther's theology. Calvin followers changed the worship service drastically. They got rid of the formality and adorations and pretty much stripped their churches. Orthodox is one of the original churches. It is very similar to Catholic and is sometimes called a sister church. Originally it was the Eastern half of the original church. Protestant is the 3rd branch of Christianity and it is any denomination that is not Catholic or Orthodox. There are many Protestant denominations. Both Mormon and Jehovah's Witness (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society) are new, around 200 years old. Neither believe that Jesus is God. Mormons have written an addition to the Bible. Jehovah's Witness branched off Seventh Day Adventist. Russell, founder of JWs, grew up a Congregationist but was bothered by the idea of Hell. He was attracted to SDA because they don't believe in Hell. He went into partnership with an Adventist who had a publishing company. When the Adventist predicted the end of the world and it didn't happen, Russell split with him, started his own publishing company and religion, and predicted a different date for the world to end, which didn't happen. There were several false predictions. The latest one was 1975. Since they have learned it's not a good idea to set a definite date so they just say that Armageddon is going to happen very soon. The members have their go bags packed for when that happens. They focus on recruiting new members and they shun those who leave. PS My understanding of Gnosticism is that it is the belief that one can achieve salvation through special knowledge and they elevate the spiritual aspect of our existence and degrade the physical elements. They tend to deny the human side of Christ. It's one of the early heresies.

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