Why did the earth's population increase sixfold over only 100 years? HELP ME, please?

Why did the earth's population increase sixfold over only 100 years? HELP ME, please? Topic: Modern world today essay writing
July 16, 2019 / By Gennie
Question: Overpopulation is a problem overlying most major ones today. The world population in 1900 was about 1.6 billion. Regardless of what you believe, we can all come to terms with me saying the world is pretty damn old. But 6,000,000,000 lives in 1 century is almost unnatural. i mean it's the same human beings, on the same planet, so what changed? My answer, digital technology. When i chose this topic to write an essay for my engl comp 2 class, i had no clue what i was getting myself into, I wrote what i pasted below, then looked for a book in which i could throw in some quotes in to cite sources. Little did i know The Nature of Work by Kai Erikson & whoever was based on the philosophy of Karl Marx, I had only heard of him in history class back in highschool, all I knew was that he had something to do with communism, I kept reading but didn't finish the book nor paper. Haven't written anything since, ended up failing the class. I'm scared that I've reasoned myself into communism, Is this even possible? Keep in mind that im no scholar, just some black kid who talks to himself alot. The paragraphs aren't unified, but it's just how I write, I had planned on tying it all together. "Technology is ever present. It defines the modern age as a resource unlimited, with countless functions undiscovered. It is man's greatest gift, to himself, in which oppurtunities are created and taken, and life is improved indefinitably. Thus giving a sense of luxury to everyday life. However, with certain luxuries come certain sacrifice, so whether it be time, money, or even health, in order to gain an advantage something else must be put at a disadvantage. So as users of that which improves, we must ask ourselves if/how these sacrifices, or luxuries thereof, are necessary and beneficial for the advancement of the human race. Any other motive for use is personal, futile and of self-destructive nature toward the future. From birth, the human body is constantly and consistently at work, and with the brain as the chief operating officer: humans learn, connect, and grow. So by the model of basic internal human physiology reflecting as a basis for an external lifestlye, anyone may understand that the human race is "programmed" to work. It is from this understanding then, that the assumption of the most basic human need being activity is derived. So to say, when man ceases to be active and engaged, he is considered dead, idle, and therefore vulnerable. We all came into this world with nothing but the demand to be taken care of. So however it may be, at some point and time, the sense of intimacy was introduced and made mandatory for the survival of all mammalian species. This alone gives purpose to the earth, as sustainer, and humans, (as superior animals) supreme care taker. Every man shares this responsibility to the earth because every man lives on it; so to deny this is to deny the right to live on this planet. And if we are all equal in the responsibility of maintaining life with life as a reward, then we are all equal in nature. It is when man takes himself out of this true nature, that he begins to synonymize and replace all which he is rooted from with an artificial foundation, creating room for mindlessness, selfishness, and all which is anti-growth." - Joseph-Aaron T
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Best Answers: Why did the earth's population increase sixfold over only 100 years? HELP ME, please?

Delight Delight | 4 days ago
"Talks to himself alot" That's OK. But you write alot too. And that's OK. But the answer is simple. It increased because of more food and better prevention/treatment of disease.
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Bryanne Bryanne
Communism can only work if you have benign rulers. The trouble is, any time you have rulers (even in a democracy) you will have people seeking power. When someone seeks power above seeking what is fair, you have a big mess to say the least. You can have a benevolent socialism, but only if the group is relative small where everyone knows everyone else, or nearly so. Then you are able to reach decisions by consensus. When the group starts getting too large, you have to spin off a group to keep it a manageable size.
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Alleen Alleen
Blimey, that was long! First of all Marx/communism is not poisonous, physically or mentally. You may not have noticed that Medicine has improved a very great deal in the last 100 years. Think about it, also the fact that hundreds of thousands of us have very little access to it, or to enough food and clean water.
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