Does he like me?

Does he like me? Topic: Chorus homework
July 16, 2019 / By Genie
Question: I want to know if he "like-likes" me.. Well, he sits sort of behind me in Social Studies class and I've kind of seen him smiling at me. And, today, he stood behind me in line before we came to class. He doesn't say anything to me though. But, sometimes, I feel "eyes" on me a lot and when I look around he is glancing in my direction. I like him. Alot. The only time we ever spoke was around the beginning of the school year and I had no idea where to put my chorus homework (yes, chorus homework ugh) and he said "Oh you put it over there." And, I smiled and said thanks. I didn't like him then, but I noticed he was cute and I sorta-maybe-a-tiny-bit-of-a-crush on him. Anyway, at the end of the day today, when everyone else was going to lockers and I didn't have to. I just sat at my desk. He kind of "hung around" my desk. Like stand around it, not directly but enough to get my attention. Yet again - HE NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO ME! So, from this measly amount of info I have, is there the slightest chance he may be crushing on me too? Should I bother talking to him?? AWWW!!! YES!!! I hope he does(:
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Delaney Delaney | 1 day ago
yes! talk to him! he deffinently has the hots for you!(: seem like a nice guy. YES,YES,YES. talk to him(:
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Brooklyn Brooklyn
i think hes interested but wont say anything so i think you should talk to him.drop a pencil and let him pick it up, just say hi, or start talking about homework. homecoming is comeing soon too :)
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