Do Blonde Guys Stupid too?

Do Blonde Guys Stupid too? Topic: Types of college english papers
July 22, 2019 / By Genevieve
Question: I know that blonde girls is stupid but what about the guys?? Here I'm explain my experiences. I'm just moved to LA from Indonesia and attended Berkley University. I got a lot friends in here, especially when I'm joining Football club in my college. But one thing I can't understand, why all my teammate seems so stupid in everything. Well a lot of my teammate have common Californian Jock type features: Blonde hair, Blue eyes, muscular body, redskin, bad temperament, cocky,player, bully, stupid hair styles etc. I have no problem with that since I'm an Asian and I'm not jealous of what they Got because I'm proud of what I have now. But one thing disturbed for a long time, why they don't have any brain, like seriously, when I'm asked what the capital city of USA, most of them answer is LA. and then when we got exam, their papers was clean and unanswered and the shock part was most of them didn't know who was Neil Armstrong. and finally I asked to myself Do Blonde Guys Stupid Too? Believe me blonde peoples no matter what the gender is real stupid, its not only a myth...
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Deja Deja | 9 days ago
the people here pointing out his grammar are showing their low iq. do they realize for a lot of people, english is not their first language? and to answer the question, yes, americans do tend to tilt towards the stupid end of the spectrum.
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Brook Brook
Do Gookies are more stupid ?? Why the phuck don`t you learn how to talk English , you pathetic moron ?? But then again , most Gookies never learn to communicate beyond grunting and groaning !! The only thing YOU`D be doing in a university is cleaning the toilets and latrines !! That`s all the "black head gooks" are good for !!!
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Alisya Alisya
It is a myth and you are stereotyping based on only what you've known. I know a blond girl who is probably much smarter than me (or at least she was smart in school). And I'm not a dummy. that's just foolish to say something like that. some people could poke fun of your typing skills but I'm not gonna.
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Uri Uri
Dude. Re-edit your Q, then ask! BTW...People's hair colors don't really make the person they are. It's like saying: People who have brown hair are super smart.
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Robin Robin
Your grammar is appalling. As for the stereotype. Some are, and some are not. Some appear to be stupid to feel "cool".
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Micha Micha
Its easy to tell YOUR a blonde by referring to your pathetic and idiotic use of the english language
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