Abuse my mom made me wear a bib on thanksgiving advice?

Abuse my mom made me wear a bib on thanksgiving advice? Topic: Make bib
July 16, 2019 / By Gena
Question: Thanksgiving Day I was good I was staying out of my mom’s way with everything. We had turkey and everything my mom had catering delivered to the house as well Stuff shells and chicken with mushrooms they were in the tray with the flame lit underneath you know what I mean. I ask my mom where’s the egg nog. She forgot to buy it she knows I love that stuff. I told her she’s a stupid ***** she did it on purpose to spite me. I ask her if later if my friend can come over for pie she told me NO. I was being a brat again and behaving like a 2 year old. I took one stuff shell out of the tray put it on my fork and just flung it across the living room. My sister rated me out to my aunt my aunt told my mother my mom comes out of the kitchen starts putting a bib around my neck. Told everyone there that I needed to wear a bib because I was a baby because I threw food ask me if I wanted a bottle and need a diaper on. Ten people were in my house they heard it aunts and uncles etc. I can have them subpoenaed as my witnesses when I call child service on my mom for abuse for saying that to me right? im 15 soon to be 16
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Deeann Deeann | 6 days ago
Sure, call them. They'll probably laugh their heads off, and those people could use a laugh. Okay, here's the thing. No parent is perfect. However, it is your responsibility to behave as well as you want to be treated. If you had flung food across the room I would have punished you as well. Not the same way, in all likelihood (I am not into using humiliation as a consequence), but you certainly deserved to be held responsible for such childish behavior. And calling your mother something that needs to be starred out here is also extremely unacceptable. She is your mother, and has already sacrificed an enormous amount for you. Assume her shortcomings are based on the stress of being your parent. She doesn't owe you anything but basic food, shelter, simple clothing and access to public education until you are 18. She does not owe you spending money, a nice bedroom set, a bedroom of your own, a computer/ipod/etc., use of the telephone/TV/other appliances, she does not owe you support in getting or holding a job, or extra-curricular activities. By law she does not even have to be nice and loving. If that is the type of parent you want, realize that you need to start behaving like a young person who deserves some of the good things you have in life. Yes of course you are 15. I recognized it from my own two. Forget this nonsense and look for your better self. It's in there, you're almost grown into it. ;-)
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When life gives you lemons, you slam tequila shots. Sure, Thanksgiving will be torture. That's a given. But come Black Friday, you can use Michelin Hag to run offense for you. Just get behind that juggernaut and follow her trajectory through Walmart. You'll be unstoppable..

Brittny Brittny
you mom was teaching you a lesson for being a witchy little brat on THANKSGIVING of all days! you should respect your mother and leave child services to kids whos parents really are abusive and just be happy that you have parents who dont really do terrible things to you and that you can sit around with you whole family. i cant say that your mom was right to do waht she did but neitehr where you if i were you i would go and tell her i was sorry and htat i love her and how thankfull i am to have a mom that loves me!
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Alisia Alisia
Um. That's not child abuse. It was immature//childish to call your mother that because she forgot the egg nog and you shouldn't have thrown food. She probably said that your friend couldn't come over because of what you called her. Sorry, but no you can't call child service for that. O.o;
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Upton Upton
Heck no, do you know what abuse is? You sounded like you were being annoying, flinging food across a room. I can see why she did that...
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Robbie Robbie
That's not abuse, especially because you started it and she didn't use physical violence on you, she just embarrassed you. Don't even bother calling CPS, because as your parent she's allowed to discipline you.
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Robbie Originally Answered: Is this child abuse? advice please
Go ahead. Make the call. But be prepared to be taken to a foster home or at your age a group home for kids. You don't have all the "rights" you seem to think you have just because you are a minor. You have the right to be a child, you have the right to be respectful to the only mother you'll ever have.You have the right at 16? to behave in a public place and not throw ketchup all around so other people who are minding their own business don't get sprayed with your ketchup. You should also know that just because people who may work at Mc Donald's get paid to clean up, is no reason for you or anyone else to deliberately throw food or condiments around because you aren't mature enough to control yourself. They work hard for the little minimum wages they get paid. And as for abuse, you have given no signs of being abused. You have not reported being beat or locked in a room, or being molested, or cursed out every day all you've described is a spoiled child.

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