Do clothes make people? If burqa is sign of 'Subservience' then what is a sign of women's 'Emancipation'?

Do clothes make people? If burqa is sign of 'Subservience' then what is a sign of women's 'Emancipation'? Topic: Examples of good personal statements for jobs
July 22, 2019 / By Gaynor
Question: Is there such a vast gap in the thinking of West and East that no bridges could be built? If I remember correctly, 'Bra Burning' started in the West...where women had 'freedom' to dress anywhich way they like! So, is it safe to guess that low-neck, high-hems do not guarantee 'liberation'? Am I missing something here? Please provide the pieces of jig-saw puzzle to make the picture clear!!! Thanks! Please note: I do not...I repeat do not want this to turn into religious debate. So, lets keep it purely on social/philosophical lines!!! Okay! So its about 'choices'! What if a woman wants to clad herself willingly in a burqa? Will the French allow that? Here, I want to disclose that I'm not a burqa-wearing muslim... Pocko, those TDs aren't from me, in fact, none of them are mine! Your answer is perfectly okay with me...nutty as I really am :)) Thanks for the recognition, LOL! Dear achen: Your first line is the Best, LOL!!! I didn't know part of your job was watching women :P So, how can I argue with your observations? But I still feel true liberation has very little to do with dress code! It is about thoughts and actions. Do you think banning burqas would bring about instant end to 'subservience" ? I feel this move is as bad as Taliban's 'forced' dress code for women! Why can't men leave women alone? To dress as they like....except, of course in places where Uniforms are required to be worn!?!? Dear Meenakshi: I'm waiting for the adds! Your answer is very well-thought out, as usual :) Hello, Mr. A : ) Good to see you back! See, my question is based on his statement...not on his policies! Okay, If they want religion or religious symbols out of the State...wouldn't it bring at par with religious bigots...who force people to wear 'burqas'!?!? Isn't this again a sort of intolerance? Another way of saying 'you are unwanted....get out!' Then say it as it is...be courageous!
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Debs Debs | 3 days ago
P'quaint, I don't see it that way...not quite. The clothes do not make the person, but some items of clothing are symbolic of the culture, or the persons own viewpoint. Your example of bra burning is perfect. It wasn't' so much that a bra made a woman, but that it symbolized restriction. A burqa isn't so much a sign of subservience as it is a sign of modesty and submission. The burqa isn't worn anywhere but outside the confines of the home. Inside, among family and friends, women wear what they choose to wear. Just as wearing a hat and gloves to church was in the fifties. We all choose, whether we are aware of it or not, to express not only our personal taste but our role in life, personality, viewpoint, etc in the clothing we wear. That society/culture can dictate the form of that clothing is less about making the people than it is about expressing the beliefs of that society. As to the gap in thinking, no there isn't such a large gap.,,,not among people anyway. No matter where you live, people are basically the same. They want peace and security for themselves and their families. They want to have a place to call home, food to put on the table, hope for the future. Politically and religiously, yes, the gap is wide, and no bridge will ever come quite to the other side. Tolerance, the rallying cry, is something that, in the history of man, has never been found.
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Brittania Brittania
My interest in you made me answer this, though this is not my subject. (1) While growing, the parents practice the children for many life style, from teachers many, from relatives and friends many and many is practiced by self-thinking. (2) Human is not alone. He has to obey the environment, parents, family, society, the rules of the neighboring life-style, and many other things (which are other than the commercial and financial aspects). The so-called vast gap in the thinking of West and East is on these issues. While in East (India) woman is respected and worshipped greatly in consideration of great new future generations and provide safety in every pace (certain drawbacks), woman has distinctive titles there without the need of hubby's name or title. Such great is woman in India. The western influence degraded the Indian Women and as such if a woman thinks that she can withstand, it is likely to be an independent (I do not say stray-dog) human. All citizens may not follow all the rules.
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Alise Alise
Hi As far as I know, the ban on the burqa in France has got something to do with French law prohibiting wearing of religious symbols in state institutions. Apparently, France's ideas about secularism are at odds with Muslim women's rights to wear the burqa. The French want religion to be kept out of the public sphere. As a matter of fact, segregation of state and religion has for long been a basic tenet of French law and culture. The ban on the burqa is in congruence with the French state's policy on secularism. French Muslim women will have to make a choice between their nation and religion. As I see it, France's stance is completely justified. Best wishes Mr A
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Ultan Ultan
I think it is about what the clothes represent. Is it really a choice these women are free to make? I think there is still an image of oppression in having to hide ANY part of your body. That was the point of the bra burning, not having to hide a woman's femininity. The true sign of women's emancipation will be for them to have the SAME rights as men when it comes to clothes and being covered in public. A woman should not expect anything less for herself than she would for a man.
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Ripley Ripley
1. yes, to a large extent clothes do "make" a person in the sense that s/he usually chooses to portray an image on oneself through their choice of clothing. it could be anything from elegance, opulence, trendy, hip-hop, etc. One is trying to Project oneself through one's clothes. even the stereotypical "forgetful unkempt professor/scientist" is projecting a trait through clothes, albeit by default. 2. then comes the role of Choice. how much choice do i have in choosing my clothes? when/at what age does this choice begin? of course, choices can be conditioned through upbringing & family/social milieu. but when this choice is internalized, & the person feels comfortable [or uncomfortable in Changing the choice], who is to say that That choice is wrong or limiting? We are free to choose our own parameters. some choose to step outside, some remain cozy within, some don't even Think about it. should we "enlighten" the latter? Who has the authority/mandate to do so? religion / govt / society / profession / family / the other sex ...??? 3. i firmly disagree that high hems .... indicate "emancipation" & "freedom"! Liberation / emancipation is at the level of thought & action, not merely clothes! hence, to add to my 1st point, these same clothes can be used as a "cover" for what is truly within. you may have "perfect" role-models & celebs who are beasts/uncivilized behind closed doors. 4. i am not a "feminist" in the literal sense. i do believe that both wo/men should be equally respected, irrespective of their sex, for their individual characteristics. However, i also believe that certain decorum, decency, grace & civility only add to a person's charms. i can't understand why anyone likes to have their bra straps showing - with the choices on offer, can't you match your undergarments to the top? what is so "liberating" about having the bra/straps showing? and if it is, then why all that hullbaloo about "wardrobe malfunction"?! just as an off-side, i think one Needs to show their u-gs because they've spent so much on Victoria's Secret or any of the top brands & so, what's the use of 'hiding' them - how will the world ever know ;-))) i have no clear answer to the Qs you've asked. these are just my thoughts/opinion. maybe i'll add something more later.... as usual, great question!
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