What should i do when i am so depressed in these times?

What should i do when i am so depressed in these times? Topic: Thesis on broken family
July 22, 2019 / By Gayla
Question: i have always been down, people criticize me for always downing there day.psh i dont c how i always let them do the talking and i smile. well, i guess there is no masking the truth... so anyway these past few months ive been down well my bf broke up with me on christmas day... through the phone for being a (pretentious fake and playing mind games with him)... my grades are fantastic i mean i just need to mayb try new things but im afraid and frankly i dont believe in myself..the guy i was going out with wsa senior and i was a freshmen and no he didnt just want to get some ok.. cuz he always just wanted to talkkk and be my friend. the reason he broke up was because i nvr followed through and i seemed to be mean :/ what do i do?? am i just to young to understand how i feel, is it just a phase, will i grow out of it. i mean i cry everyday, i get home tired and simply wanting to give up on life. wanting to just free myself form theses burdens... my heartache of the boy who loved me for who i was... the breaking of my family.... i just hate myself for not being real, i want to end this pain. plz you dont know how bad this feels.. its like someone has stolen every bit of me and thus i am lost and distraught. help me please. thank you.
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Deborah Deborah | 1 day ago
Yet again, this is why the suicide rates in the U.S. is so high. People just don't get that mentality of mental toughness and moving on. If relationships aren't working for you just move on and be single. No harm in doing so. From what it sounds like, you're being secluded from society and with your real friends due to your relationship. Isn't that a sign that maybe you should just stay single and enjoy life? Mental Toughness, remember it.
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Deborah Originally Answered: How do you get over feeling depressed and like life is too difficult at times?
Trust me, I have went through the same exact B.S. you went through except during High School. I hated high school because the people there were snobby, I had ZERO interest in school, and I just didn`t want to be there. I failed math every single year and had to keep repeating classes, it was embarrasing and frustrating. It was literally a miracle that I got my high school diploma. Both my mom and grandma were praying that I got my diploma and thankfully I did. It was one of the hardest times of my life. I graduated last year and am in the process of getting a job or doing some kind of training. I didn`t care what people thought about me going to college. I knew it wasn`t right for me and would be a big waste of time and money. So many people I know regretted going because they are debt up to their eyeballs in student loans or just ended up taking a 6 month training course. DO NOT EVER take a class or go to college to please anyone else but yourself, because you will be miserable and unhappy. Ask yourself this question: What would I love to do for a living and get paid for it? Sounds simple, but this is how you determine the career path you would like to go on. Life is too short to waste time taking stupid classes that you hate. If you want to switch do it for yourself and don`t worry about what other people think about you. As far as the feeling depressed thing it happens to everyone at times. The best way to deal with it is to be solution oriented. Literally get a journal, write down all of your problems, and then underneath it brainstorm a list of solutions. I`m telling you it helps to get your frustrations out, gets you thinking about your goals, and gives you hope. I do it all the time and it works. DON`T ever kill yourself because suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and of course your family would greatly suffer. College is not worth killing yourself over, you will get past the problem eventually. Just remember, "Tough times don`t last, tough people do!" Also if you don`t pray normally, I suggest starting to. It has helped my family through the hardest times. Hope I helped.

Britta Britta
Why should anyone give a sh*t about keeping you from being depressed when you don't care about sh*tting on someone else's day? Seriously. If you thought of others before yourself, perhaps people would care about you enough (because strangely enough, people don't like a**holes) to support and help you through this. Toughen up, life only gets harder, and suicide is a permanent solution to only minor problems. I wish I had your problems, seriously, I'll trade you right now. And don't say "you don't know how bad this feels", that's hilarious. Clearly you don't realize that depression is something a lot of people experience, you're not special. You should spend some time by yourself, look into meditation and finding yourself through your interests. Don't invest in anyone else before you've discovered your own drive, and burn no bridges. Consider people's feelings before your own, even if you have to fake it.
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Alis Alis
i guess mental toughness is one thing. i do think that your mentality plays a huge part in depression. some are just more sensitive than others. but i guess sh** happens and trying to make the best out of what you have is the only way to get over it. if you sit around all day thinking about it it will waste your time and probably make the depression worst. i mean, the things you mentioned in the question happen to nearly every teenager. teenagers dont know crap about relationships or "love". it's just a phase i think. and if it really hurts you that much.. talking to someone close to you about it should help you get over it. but you will get over it eventually.
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Ulric Ulric
Why do you hurt your head with all this Bullshit? there's nothing wrong with you ,stop thinking so much and relax ,your trying to mess up a perfectly good life by trying to hard life is for living not thinking about just get on with it
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Ulric Originally Answered: Every time I have time alone, I'm bored beyond comprehension. often times depressed?
Look into after-school activities...sports, drama club, etc. In high school, I don't think I got home before 9 PM. Wasn't a great strategy homework-wise, but I was always busy, in good shape, and happy overall. What about a job? That was how I spent my weekends, plus I made money to go out afterwards.

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