Need help dealing with college? Engineering?

Need help dealing with college? Engineering? Topic: Engineering homework
July 16, 2019 / By Gaila
Question: I am planning on majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am in my third semester currently. I have managed so far, but this semester feels like it'll be too much. The classes I am taking this semester are Calculus 2, my second physics class, an introductory course to computer science, and a physics lab. I know this is only the first week and that maybe I am just nervous or scared of all of this new material, but I don't know if I'll be able to do it. This week I received some homework in my physics class that is a review of last semester's chapters. It takes me FOREVER to do the problems. It has consumed all of the free time I have at home just to get them done. And now that I am finished with those I have all my other classes to deal with. I bombed two quizzes today in math because I didn't familiarize myself with the material before the class. I have been looking at the math, and it takes a while for me to understand it. I just don't know how I can manage to complete the long list of things that college throws at me. Is it something I'll just have to get better at? This all stresses me out a LOT! I just don't know how I can face this and do well. Can you please offer advice?
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Deanna Deanna | 4 days ago
I know I m 4 years late but think about your future! Once you finish college, you will have the job you want and get the $$ you need! You can do it and don t doubt yourself! I m horrible and math and for you even to sign up for those classes is great! I hope I helped.
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Only 20% of Americans earning MBAs the past few years have been able to find any sort of job at all within a year after graduation. Their foreign student classmates are out of the running - MBA is not eligible for employment visas such as H1-b. Employers only want candidates who worked 3-5 years in progressively more responsible positions between bachelors (NOT a BBA, either) and MBA to do Exec MBA. They want proof you can actually DO something valuable, not book learning. Due to glut of MBAs on world markets now, this true for pretty much any country these days. Maybe India still hires back-to-back bachelors + MBAs. Harvard might take international students who rank in about the top 1% of graduates. Scores above 95th percentile on GRE or GMAT is essential. Lots of requirements beyond top grades and test scores. Talents, exceptional achievements, sterling character, good personality & ability to get along well with others are more important, once you get past the top grades/scores barrier. NO scholarships or financial aid for foreign MBA students in the US. Only 1% of Harvard students are foreign students. Plan to need at least $100,000-150,000 per year. Very expensive school, very high cost of living in Cambridge. E.g. plan on $2000/month for rent & utilties on studio (one room apartment) or shared apartment. Plus all the rest of your needs - like food, clothing, etc. A budget of $4000 a month for a grad student is not excessive at all. Lots of hidden costs, especially for thesis research, your masters project. But you can get by on that if you are budget-wise. Plus of course all your school-related expenses in addition to those living expenses, plus transportation back to your country of citizenship.
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Tuition constantly seems like a huge determination, would not it. Ok, shall we say Harvard and a small, private school accepts you. Congrats! You good enough for Harvard! If that you may go to Harvard and not need to sell your organs, then go for it. You'll need to work rough, however individuals will seem at your degree with awe. In the event you can't, do not fear. Never worry. Determining a school isn't like choosing to have an abortion. You can transfer anyplace and whenever. I spent 1 year at a tremendous college. Firstly from a small city, I was once like a small fish abruptly thrown into the gigantic sea. I needed that wake up call though. I transferred to a small, exclusive school. I appreciated it extra. There is no disgrace in transferring, and there is no disgrace in being sincere with your budget. Attempt to hinder the student loans. There are thousands of scholarships available in the market which might be unclaimed. You just have got to appear. Read Dave Ramsey's ebook, "complete cash Makeover." every university-aged child should read it.
Deanna Originally Answered: Hey I am an Indian doing an undergraduate engineering degree at my college. I want to apply for MBA at Harvard?
Dude... not to burst your bubble... have you taken the time to see how many unemployed MBA's there are? Why not go on to get an advanced degree in Engineering? God knows we need good engineers. :)

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